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Traffic Co-Op Results Screenshot
Traffic Co-Op Results Screenshot
Traffic Co-Op Results Screenshot
Co-op results screenshot



Simply email me at alancosens@gmail.com or text me at 615.285.9771 and let me know how many clicks/visitors you want, then I'll confirm the price and provide instructions on how to proceed. The pricing is discounted pricing. 

300 clicks would be the minimum, $190.00.

500 clicks would be the recommended minimum, $295.00.

1,000 clicks will be your price-break point, $560.00 per click.

1,500 or more @ $0.55 per click.

These are discounted prices based on cash or money order payment are subject to change at any time and I'll do my best to keep this list current. Payment by credit card or Cashapp is $0.10 higher per click and requires completion of authorization form prior to transaction.


Alan Cosens
Alan Cosens

I am completely dedicated to providing you the guidance and mentorship that you need in order to achieve the success you desire. The principles I teach completely bypass rejection, persuasion and the need to "convince". If you correctly apply the correct data, you get a predictable result. If you have incorrect data or apply incorrectly, you do not. I teach the correct data. I want you to win. Questions? Message me directly on FB HERE