30 Leads Per Day From Twitter

Alan Cosens, 30 Leads Per Day From Twitter

I’ve used Twitter for years to generate leads and sales. Here is the simple formula I use. You can do it to. It’s easy.

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Skeptical of Home Based Businesses?

Alan Cosens - Skeptical of Home Based Businesses?

What is the true cause of your skepticism? How do you determine whether a home business will work for you? Learn the exact technical reasons here.

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Do You Know What You’re Looking For?

Alan Cosens, Do You Know What You're Looking For?

Before you spend your days searching aimlessly for the “magic opportunity” that will save you, how about you actually defined exactly what it is that you’re looking for?

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How to Create Rapport and Get Results Every Time

Alan Cosens, How to Create Rapport and Get Results Every Time

Mastery-level lesson on the mechanical formula of communication, know, like and trust. This is what gets results in your business.

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One Thing You Cannot Avoid if You Want Lifestyle Change

Alan Cosens, How to Promote

Regardless of which company, which “system”, which products you decide to get involved with in order to change your lifestyle, there is one thing that every single one of you must do if you want to get result. Here’s what that is. Now, how will you do it?

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Overwhelmed and Busy But Not Making Money?

Alan Cosens, Network Marketing

Some of your overwhelmed and busy but the things you are spending time on are not producing income, for example, trying to read 300 emails per day. It is astounding how many people actually do this.

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How to Avoid Solo Ad Scams

Alan Cosens, Avoid Solo Ad Scams

It can be hard for a newbie to tell whether they are being scammed when buying solo ads. Here are a few things you can look for.

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How to Attract Prospects if You Have No Expertise, Authority or Prior Accomplishment

Alan Cosens, Attract More Prospects

Here are 4 approaches you can use to be more attractive, to get more leads and sales, 3 of which are perfect if you have no prior accomplishment or expertise.

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What You Don’t Know About Network Marketing

Alan Cosens - Why Network Marketing?

Click to play video message below if it does not auto-play: ▷ Click Here to Change Your Life By Extending Others’ Lives

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Can One Hour Per Day Set You Free?

Alan Cosens - One Hour Per Day

This simplifies everything. Do you know that working just one hour per day can set you free of having to be a wage-slave? Don’t believe it? You’ll want to listen to this. After all, if YOU had the solution, you’d already be free, would you not?

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