What Can You Find On AlanCosens.com?

  • How To Make Things Work

    I provide regular tutorials on the topics and actions you need to take to get results in your business. I show you things that no one else does.

  • Get More Traffic To Your Offers

    There are a lot of ways to get traffic. How many are you using? Did you know that Traffic is literally the easiest part of your business? I’ll show you why and how.

  • Get More Conversions

    Discover how to get more conversions at every “conversion point” in your sales funnel. Do you know the fundamentals of converting traffic into leads and sales?

  • Tools That Work

    You’ll learn what internet marketing tools are worth putting your time and money into and which are a waste of attention.  “Shiny Object Syndrome” be gone!

  • How To Engage Your Audience/Target Mkt.

    Learn how to build and maintain effective relationships with your prospects, your email list, your social media friends, without every using the phone, ever.

  • Focus On What's Important

    I’ll show you how you can have others handle your back-end so that you can focus on the one thing that’s really important for building your business.

About Alan Cosens…

Alan Cosens is one non-compliant, freedom-loving, anarchistic “SOB”. He answers to no one, begs for nothing and doesn’t ask for permission to do a damn thing. He knows the government is composed of our servants, mostly incapable of competently handling the simplest task.  Alan rewards Production and Big Think and holds others and himself responsible for their own situation. He is Founder and Chairman of the “We Get Exactly What We Decide Club“, life-long member of the “I Create My Own Results Society“, and Supreme Ruler of the global “Negative, Hyper-Critical, Invalidative A-Holes Get-The-F***-Off-My-Mailing-List-And-Find-Some-Sympathetic-Wussy-To-Complain-To” campaign. He’s the world’s most competent father. He’s a blues-man, a soul-brother, a love-maker, a booty-shaker and all-around Bad “Mo-Fo”. Alan got himself free so he could get you free because he knows you deserve it, though you may have forgotten that a long time ago. He don’t take no flak, don’t smoke no crack, he gives to charity but not to lazy-ass “charity-cases”. He’ll take you higher. You’ll be inspired. You may even surprise yourself. Get his latest book “The Ideal Online Profit Model” (see top) and get yourself free, living the “dot-com” lifestyle you deserve.