The Two Best Marketing Training Programs For “Dummies”

Two Best Online Marketing Training Programs

What about the new and totally confused people? Getting to the point of making that COMMITMENT is one thing, but many never even make it to getting started, not because of lack of start-up capital, but because they feel like the just don’t know enough about technology or marketing to be able to do it.…

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What’s Working Today With SEO

What's Working Today With SEO

Just about all the things that “everyone knows” about SEO—all the stuff that you’ve been told in all those free tutorials that you find on YouTube and so forth—doesn’t work… at least that I can see. How do I know?  Because I’ve done all that. That is not to say that it’s impossible for your…

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Free Cash-Back Is So Easy

Free Cash-Back On Your Online Purchases

Click Here To Get Your FREE Cash-Back Account

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How I Create Personalized Sales Funnel To Increase Conversions


Here are links to some of the resources I use, if you’re interested: LeadPages OptimizePress Remarkamobile      

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Your Thoughts Are The Cause

"Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts." ~Budda

Yesterday, being Halloween, was a very good example of WHY you should be doing everything you can possibly do to get yourself free from your current wage slavery (if you are a working person, that is). Let’s face it, if you don’t even have $1 and you live in your parents’ basement and you’re not…

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What Happened To Those 100% Commission Affiliate Programs?

100% Commissions Rock!

Back in 2009 I started promoting the only 100% commission program that I had ever heard of as a sort of a “builder” for my down-line in my “main” business… or so I thought. As it turned out people joined the low-priced 100% commission program in droves and hardly anyone wanted in on my “main”…

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Just show me what works!

What Works Online

“Just show me what works!” Look, there are tons of people out there telling you how “great” their programs and products are, obviously, because they want you to buy. It can be very hard to sort out truth from “sales pitch”. Have you ever thought, “I wish someone would just show me what actually works…

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Online Marketing Is Not Hard. You’re Just Disorganized.

Online Marketing Organization

Earlier tonight on a company “Top-Producer” call I spoke about how, if you do something—anything at all— you are already ahead of about 70% of new home business start-ups who do absolutely nothing. It is very common for someone who is new to this sort of thing to get the idea that “it’s just too…

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Super Easy Ways To Engage Prospects And Put Yourself Ahead Of 99% Of Your Competition With Just A Few Minutes Work

In the video below are 2 very easy things that you can do—even if you are brand-new and still clueless about how to build your online business—to get your leads/prospects into communication with you, to get them engaged and to get them thinking of you so that when they are ready to “jump”, they are…

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Do Screen-Capture Video Using Only YouTube

For those of you who are on a budget, or are perhaps technically challenged, here is an easy way to create screen-capture videos just using YouTube. I’m quite sure that not many people know that this can be done. Some screen-recording software is very expensive and very complicated to use. This method is free and…

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Making Solo Ads Work, The Hidden Keys

Last night I was on a “Top-Producers” call and I talked a bit about how I use Solo Ads.  Due to the short time allowed for the call I only had an opportunity to get into a few of the things I wanted to share with people about getting results with Solo Ads. Most people…

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Candid Talk About What Works And What Doesn’t Online

What Works In Online Business

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$2400 Ad Spend Returns Over $50K In Sales

In this interview, Mike and Andy reveal how a $2,400 ad spend returned over $50,000 in sales… and counting, on Facebook. Here’s what we cover: 1. How to choose the audience. 2. How to get BUYERS. 3. How they got Facebook to essentially be their underpaid affiliate. 4. Super scary “privacy” stuff that is wonderful…

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The Old Internet Is Dead (Controversial Pic Proves It)

I was blown away when I saw the before-and-after picture below. In only a few years we’ve gone from a Desktop world to a Mobile world… Do YOU, as a business owner or entrepreneur, have a Mobile List Building strategy (your most important asset in our new Mobile Economy)? Is Mobile Marketing a piece of…

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To Cause Your Own Success, Or Cause Your Own Failure

What If You Couldn't Fail?

If my own Brother, or my own Mother, or my Daughter came to me for advice on improving their financial situation I would give them the same talk. What do bananas, lions, internet porn, driving, and the ability to be helped have to do with you creating success? Listen now: See, I’m not here to…

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