How To Write Marketing Emails, Easiest And Free Way For “Dummies”

Are you a “Dummy” when it comes to writing email follow-ups or broadcasts to market to your email list? I’ve known people who’ve sat all weekend long their trying to write decent marketing emails because it was the first weekend in their business and they thought they needed 50 follow-ups scheduled or something like that.…

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The Two Best Marketing Training Programs For “Dummies”

Two Best Online Marketing Training Programs

What about the new and totally confused people? Getting to the point of making that COMMITMENT is one thing, but many never even make it to getting started, not because of lack of start-up capital, but because they feel like the just don’t know enough about technology or marketing to be able to do it.…

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What’s Working Today With SEO

What's Working Today With SEO

Just about all the things that “everyone knows” about SEO—all the stuff that you’ve been told in all those free tutorials that you find on YouTube and so forth—doesn’t work… at least that I can see. How do I know?  Because I’ve done all that. That is not to say that it’s impossible for your…

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Free Cash-Back Is So Easy

Free Cash-Back On Your Online Purchases

Click Here To Get Your FREE Cash-Back Account

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How I Create Personalized Sales Funnel To Increase Conversions


Here are links to some of the resources I use, if you’re interested: LeadPages OptimizePress Remarkamobile      

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Your Thoughts Are The Cause

"Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts." ~Budda

Yesterday, being Halloween, was a very good example of WHY you should be doing everything you can possibly do to get yourself free from your current wage slavery (if you are a working person, that is). Let’s face it, if you don’t even have $1 and you live in your parents’ basement and you’re not…

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