Information Overload is a huge problem in this industry for a few reasons:

  • Network Marketers / MLM-type people tend to mainly be “trying something new” and any time you are getting into a new activity in life and Information Overload Graphicyou have to learn new things Information Overload can be a problem
  • Even for experienced internet marketers like myself, they can have so many “poles in the water” that their attention ends up getting spread very thing and can sort of “seize up” mentally
  • Many marketing strategies, especially when it comes to internet marketing strategies such as Blogging or SEO, have many detailed steps.  Even if you don’t find each step to be terribly complicated, since there are many steps you can end up with a headache if you try and hold all the things you have to do in your head
  • It can be easy to forget how you even did something the first time.  I know that I often will muddle my way through doing something the first time, usually because I have to figure it out as I go or because I am trying to follow a course that I bought, and then later when it comes time to do it again I can’t even recall what it was that I did  (I’ve actually made training videos on things that I later had to come back to reference my own videos just to remember how to do it.  lol)
  • Also, if you’re like me, you are subscribed to about 200 different email lists and between that and all the spam email that I get every day I am just hammered with communications all day long.  It is easy to get off track into something that I don’t really need to be doing at that moment with all this “noise” coming in on me.

If you are new to this internet network marketing game and you have not yet experienced this information overload phenomenon… you will.

For a long time I jotted notes down in notebooks.  That didn’t work too well because I’d end up losing notebooks, or not being able to find the pages, etc.  Actually, in the very beginning of my internet marketing adventure I literally kept all my username and passwords in a green spiral notebook.  And I mean hundreds of usernames and passwords.  Well, guess what…  I lost the notebook.

Can we say “stupid newbie mistake”?

Well, live and learn.

For a long time after that I kept notes on just about everything in a text document.  Then I started keeping separate documents for each thing I was doing.  You know what happens when you do that?  You end up with hundreds and hundreds of different documents and you run into trouble recalling exactly what is in each one of them, even though when you named it you named it something that you were sure would cause you to recall specifically what was in it.   Oh, and you’ll start making new documents for things you already have documents for, etc.

It just turns into a big mess.

So far, and by far, the best way I’ve found to keep track of all this crap is by using mind maps.

I’ve used a number of them but the one I show you below, XMind, seems to be the easiest to use and to follow and so forth.  And it’s free!  Can’t beat that.

In the video above I show you a bit about how to use the thing and I “accidentally” give you some insight into my current SEO strategies in the process.

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Alan Cosens
Alan Cosens

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