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The product mentioned in the recording, related to arterial plaque is no longer offered through my business. It can still be acquired at nanobiotechpharma.com as "NanobacTX". I have no business association with that vendor and I have no earning capacity related to that product. It does however, save lives, and perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments of the last 2,000 years. The company that I was previously selling that product for pulled it from the USA market because it worked to well. Yes, when you have a health-related product that actually works, and people start talking about it, that puts the company at risk because according to the FDA, any substance which "treats, mitigates, prevents, cures... any disease" is a drug, no matter what the substance is, or where it comes from. So, since the FDA makes it utterly impossible to handle any disease by any natural means (think about that for a second) and as that product was, quite literally, dissolving peoples' arterial plaque, this posed too much risk to the company for "drug claims" even though all testimonials were presented voluntarily by people who'd experienced results, proven by CAC scans. Thus the company made a risk/reward decision to no longer offer that product. This was not due to any threat or influence other than executive business decision. Yet again, a gov't agency which accomplished the exact opposite of what it says it's doing. What a surprise!
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Alan Cosens
Alan Cosens

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