At the time of posting this I have sent approximately 8900 different people to the CCHR and DN websites.  The videos below will show you how I do this with a very small investment of time (once all set up).  I did this over about a 6-month period, using just 3 Twitter accounts.

Just imagine how many new people we could expose to the truth if only 100 people, each with 10 Twitter accounts just replicated the same process.  We’d have it licked!  lol

Study the videos below in order from top to bottom, then start.

*the videos below will begin loading when you click the play icon.  Some may take a while to load before they will play.  Please be patient.


What I’ve Been Doing To Disseminate Using Twitter:

What Is Twitter And A Bit About How It Works:

Brief Introduction/Overview On How I Automate Twitter To Get New People To The Truth:

Creating Twitter Account And Setting Up Your Profile:

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Setting Up Tweet Adder To Automate The Process.

Click here to go to the Tweet Adder website to download your own software.