After you register:

  1. Locate the email from Priceless Possibilities with your log-in information. Check SPAM/Junk if you don't see it.
  2. Keep an eye out for a welcome email with instructions from me which contains a link to register for team training and resources and to access our private FB group.
  3. When my email arrives, be sure to add my email address to your Contacts list so that you are not missing important updates you'll need when I send them.
  4. Make sure you register for the team resources and the FB group when you get that email. This is crucial to your results.

REQUIRED DISCLOSURE:  *Results can vary in business. Any results shown/given here are for hypothetical example purposes only and may represent exceptional, not typical results. Your results could be different. It should be assumed that we earn commission from any purchase made for any product offered. Commissions paid on product sales only. Any testimonials or experiences shared relative to the products may be exceptional, not typical.