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Please, if you have questions, PUT THE QUESTIONS IN THE MESSAGE. Do not leave me a message/email/test saying, "I have a question, please call me," or "Can you call me tomorrow?" I will not call you back if you do that. I'll end up playing "phone tag," making calls to try and connect with most people who want a live call. In addition, about 90% of the people who say, "Can we talk at ____ (time)?" are simply trying to prospect me for some deal. Use the technology. If you are taking the time to leave a voicemail, to send an email or text because you have a question, would it not make sense to actually leave the question on message? Chances are 999 out of 1,000 that the answer to your question is already posted on a webpage somewhere. So, in most cases, all I have to do is send you the link to answer it. At worst, I can text you back the answer, or I can leave the answer on your VM when you don't answer the phone.

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Goodlettsville, TN 37070


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