In this tutorial you will learn:

▸ The two most important things I look at when evaluating/choosing a new income stream/business.

▸ How to ENGAGE people and turn them into prospects.

▸ How to apply that ENGAGEMENT to everything you do, so you’re being effective.

How to correctly reach out to people on social media to build your market, complete with an example of how to find them, what to say, and how to approach them.

▸ How to get results in your business by doing the exact opposite of what 99% of network and affiliate marketers do.

▸ Why 90% of what you’re probably doing currently is a total waste of time, and how to make a change so that 90% of what you are doing is producing income.

▸ The 7 Infallible Steps for recruiting and selling.

▸ The qualities a product/offer must have before I’ll consider promoting it, and how to not get caught up in a business that is nearly impossible to promote, not matter what you do.

▸ Why you want to dominate your market, not compete in your market, and how to do that.

▸ How to take into consideration your level of technical expertise, or lack of, when choosing a business or product that is right for you.

▸ Why you must consider what your team/down-line are capable of, not just your own abilities, when choosing a business or product.

▸ A simple qualification and invite script/process that you can do in under 60 seconds, so you can contact far, far more people (almost everyone does the completely backwards, BTW).

▸ Why the intention of what you are doing matters and why you have to focus on what you can do for the other person, instead of worrying about, “How am I going to make money?”

▸ Why you never, ever need to “sell” or “convince” anyone… and how to operate so that “selling” is totally unnecessary.

▸ How real networking actually works and how to build your market from a handful of people into thousands, without ever even explaining your product or service, even if the person you’re reaching out to doesn’t know you.

… lot’s of other mastery-level concepts that can make you lots of money if you apply them.


▷ You may listen to Dr. Gary’s Interview here if you choose.

I do not earn any income from sharing Dr. Gary's info with you. I share it solely because I believe it will help.

Alan Cosens
Alan Cosens

I am completely dedicated to providing you the guidance and mentorship that you need in order to achieve the success you desire. The principles I teach completely bypass rejection, persuasion and the need to "convince". If you correctly apply the correct data, you get a predictable result. If you have incorrect data or apply incorrectly, you do not. I teach the correct data. I want you to win. Questions? Message me directly on FB HERE

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