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This traffic is suitable for biz opps/MMO offers. Traffic comes from solo advertising to people who have previously expressed and interest in making money from home. This means, they see the ad, they choose to click the link to see the info, and they land on your landing page.


Pricing for active members of any of my organizations has lower costs. If you are an active member of one of my teams, please see the relevant section of your private team resources, for internal pricing.



Check Draft - USA only

CashApp (formerly SquareCash) - USA only

Credit Card - Outside USA buyers




You'll need to complete the Authorization Form for the package you want, and the form of payment you want to use.

If you are paying via check draft (recommended for USA residents) the Authorization Form will authorize your payment.

If you are paying via the Cash App, I'll give you the Cashtag to send payment to after you submit the completed Authorization Form.

If you are outside the USA and paying with credit card, I'll get you a link to the checkout page after you submit the completed Authorization Form.

Once completed, email the completed form to alancosens@alancosens.com. You'll need to either scan the completed form, or, if you cannot access scanner, take a very tight picture of the completed form (the entire form), and send that as an attachment.

If outside the USA and paying via the Cash App, you can leave the checking info blank on the form.

Recurring Subscription Purchases require a minimum of three months, recurring. After the 3rd month, the subscription orders will continue indefinitely until the buyer requests cancelation via alancosens@alancosens.com, and gets confirmation of cancelation from Alan Cosens.


There are NO REFUNDS any any traffic purchases.

Once you pay, those funds will be allocated to advertising and will be spent.

There are no guarantees of sales or income, only clicks. As with any advertising results can vary. You will get the number of clicks you ordered as a minimum. If you get tons of sales and make tons of money, that is the result you get for your business. If you buy clicks here and you get NO SALES and NO INCOME that is also the result you get in your business. Your advertising for your business is up to you to determine. If you are going to come back later and complain about results you got or didn't get, or anything else other than the number of clicks you ordered, don't bother to purchase.

The ad sources/vendors used for any co-op run will not be disclosed.

The ad copy used will not be disclosed.

The time-frame for delivering your clicks can vary.

No claims are made here as to speed of delivery, though typically it takes several days.

It is up to YOU to convert any leads you get from this traffic into sales.

If any part of these terms is not 100% clear to you as to meaning, do not order.