SUNDAY, SEPT 24th, 2017: 8pm EST, 7pm CST

LIVE at 8pm EST: Saving Lives = Passive Income. NO, that’s not hyperbole.

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Tonight is Part 2 of our Life Extension Crusade “How-To” on creating passive income by saving and extending lives.

If you missed Part 1 you should review that here.

Last night we talked about the PROBLEM (and it’s a big problem that affects hundreds of millions of people), and the SOLUTION.

Tonight I’ll cover how that fits in to a business perspective and how we build our business 100% rejection free, in a way that never embarrasses or pressures the prospect and which strikes interest over 70% of the time.

Most people, when they realize they can just share some simple information that can save and extend lives, and they learn that they can do this with no rejection whatsoever… they get excited and want to learn more.

But, some of them don’t. Some people are more interested in spending their time watching TV and complaining about how they’re a “victim” than they are in helping others or in taking care of themselves and their family.

I though you might like to see how this works.