Income Programs I Recommend

Cryptos OTC Trading Platform (COTPS)

Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is a software assisted arbitrage system. The software locates crypto currency pricing on various exchanges all over the world, for the same digital currency (one exchange will have that coin at a lower price, one with the higher price) which have a price difference such that you can buy the cheaper coin one one exchange and sell it on the other exchange for a higher price, keeping the difference, minus fees. This is very unique and exciting. The software executes the transaction for you. All you have to do is push a button to accept or decline any given transaction. This has been producing 3%+ profits daily.

Learn more about COTPS 👉🏻 here.


If you want to correct data on how to correctly build a home business, or numerous home businesses, you want to be a member of Home Business Academy.

Recurring $20 monthly commissions.

Recurring $100 monthly commissions.

One-time $400 and $800 commissions.

Every sale contributes to meals for hungry children.

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NOTE: Please do not contact me with silly questions like, "Does this really work?" or "Can I really make money with this?" or "Is this a scam?"  If they didn't "work"—if you couldn't make money with them—I wouldn't be recommending them. This is how I make my living.

Each program has ample social proof that it is workable. The bigger issue is that people who are broke, are generally broke for a reason, and it's not because they are great with money or have crazy-good skills in business. It's not it that does the work. It's you that does the work.

In every business, in every income program that exists, there are people who knock it out of the park and make a ton of money, and there are people who don't do sh**, and make nothing. If I have to spend hours trying to teach someone how to think in way where they aren't sabotaging themselves every second of the day, frankly, I'm not interested in spending the time. Such a person needs to go and listen to Grant Cardone, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Wallace Wattles, etc. 24 hours per day for a few months until they understand that it is they, themselves, that causes their own success.

The program—any program—is only a vehicle.

And please, don't contact me to tell me all about how bad your life is, and how you "can't do this," and you, "can't do that." Don't contact me to tell me all about your terrible health problems and your divorce, and how bad your life is... I'm not here to provide therapeutic counseling for your life. I'm here to help those people who have a real desire to win, do so.

If you have specific questions about logistics or costs, or how we promote, or how something works in one of these programs, that's great. Just keep in mind that my contact info is here to help you start a game that you can win. I'm here to help you start. I'm not here to help you find excuses about why can't do things. I'm not here so that you have someone to complain to or to sympathize with dire circumstances.  ; )

... and I mean this with the utmost respect and love. I'm not saying any of this is "good" or "bad". I'm just telling you my terms.  As of today, in the USA, we are still allowed to decide who we wish to do business with, dig?

Talk soon,

Alan Cosens