Here's what to do now (IMPORTANT)...

Listen to the audio above.

FIRST thing to do:

Go to Google and search for "top cause of death worldwide" and learn what the top 2 causes of death are. Take just a minute or two to learn how these two things happen.

SECOND thing to do:

Go to Google and search for "what is a cac scan" and take a few minutes to learn what that is.

THIRD thing to do:


Keep in mind, this call is for you. It's not to "sell you" or to "pressure" you into anything. That is not how I operate and that is not the purpose of the call. I want to find out what you need and want (or don't want) and see if our amazing mission lines up with your intentions. I might just tell you, "I don't think this is for you." But if you're goals line up with ours, we might have a "match made in heaven". I have found that people who are afraid to communicate don't do very well with any sort of opportunity. Communication is the cornerstone.

There is a documentary film titled, "The Widowmaker" that was produced in 2015. It would be very helpful if you could manage to watch that before out call. It is not mandatory, but it will be very helpful for you. This can be found on Netflix, Hulu and Youtube.

If you need to reach me beforehand you can hit me up ==> on FB RIGHT HERE, or you can reply to the email I just sent you.  :  )