New U Life's Somaderm a Fraudulent Product?

A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a FB message, sharing some information about Somaderm, the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) supplement gel from NewULife.

As I'm somewhat familiar with HGH declining with age, as well as the possible benefits of HGH supplementation, I was intrigued. I hadn't previously seen a non-prescription HGH supplement.

I had been looking for a new opportunity for myself and was already searching for a network marketing company with a unique product. After 21 years in this profession, I know that having a unique product offer is one of the keys to creating fast growth. So when I saw Somaderm I got pretty excited. In fact, I had trouble sleeping that night, especially after seeing some of the accounts from NewULife representatives, on how quickly their customer bases and business organizations were growing.

I was sure I'd found something special.

I'd been searching for a new company for approximately seven months since my previous company withdrew our flagship product from the USA market. We had been successfully building our customer base with that product for about six months and it was going well. Fortunately (and unfortunately), that product worked so well (it clears the plaque from coronary arteries) and created such a flood of testimonials from customers that the vendor became concerned that the FDA may step in and cause trouble due to "drug claims."

The FDA considers that anything that is claimed to prevent, cure, mitigate or treat any disease is a "drug" regardless of its composition.

Since our product was quite literally resolving blocked arteries, as evidenced by CAC scans (Coronary Artery Calcification scans—radiological tests which measure the degrees of calcified plaque within the coronary arteries), it was technically "treating, preventing or curing" heart disease.

As the company was doing over $100 million in business each year with their other product lines, they felt it was not worth the risk to continue with just one product that was producing "cures" and potential FDA compliance issues. So they pulled that product from the market, and I had been searching for something unique ever since.

Because of my experience with "drug claims" and understanding that companies selling any sort of health or wellness-related product have to be very careful of what they say to prospective customers about what their products can do, I decided to dig into the science of Somaderm to see for myself what exactly it could do, what exactly was in the product, and what sort of risk it might be to my future business if hundreds or thousands of people starting posting online about how, "... it got rid of my depression," or, "I lost 50 lbs from taking it!" Such testimonials are problematic from a regulatory standpoint.

How Much HGH Is In Somaderm?

The first thing I wanted to know was; exactly how much HGH is in this stuff?

I listened to some recorded webinars on YouTube about Somaderm, some of which were delivered by naturopathic doctors, or hormone therapy doctors. All sounded promising. The "results" being reported were quite astounding.

I learned that Somaderm is a 30X homeopathic dilution of HGH. This is important to note. A 30X homeopathic dilution is not a 30:1 dilution. A 30:1 dilution would be one part HGH and 30 parts water (or whatever the dilutant is used). That is not how the homeopathic dilution notations work, but we'll go into that in more detail shortly.

Some of the info I found published by other New U Life distributors stated that Somaderm was a 30:1 dilution. Some of the info I found was completely backwards and outright false. This post here, for example notes, "... '30X' next to HGH means that this ingredient contains 30 parts of the medicinal substance (in this case, HGH) and 1 part of the diluent." That would be 30 ml of HGH to one ml of water. Nope! Not even close.

I was seeing a glaring red flag in terms of potential regulatory trouble. See, any network marketing company is responsible for any and all claims made by their distributors. And after very little searching I found numerous false information posted by NewULife distributors.

In addition to the potential risks from the FDA and the FTC, I observed that many of the people promoting this product were completely clueless as to what its ingredients are.

I saw and heard many statements about how, "Somaderm is FDA Registered," and this was conveyed as though this somehow made Somaderm more "official". It doesn't. Being registered with the FDA does not confer any approval by the FDA, nor does it confer any statement as to product quality or effectiveness. It simply means that the FDA has noted that the company is selling a "drug" albeit a homeopathic over-the-counter drug. Such are required to be registered in the interest of public safety, and it subjects the company to inspection of their manufacturing facilities and packaging safety.

Many of those speaking on the sales webinars for Somaderm were couching this "FDA registered" thing as a way to legitimize the product's effectiveness. That was glaring red flag number two!

By this point I was becoming concerned that New U Life would end up getting a Cease and Desist order in the not-too-distant future, as they didn't seem to be putting in any control on what their distributors say or write about the product.

I talked to one of the top distributors, John LoPresto, about this on Oct 2, 2018 over the phone and expressed my concerns over the apparent lack of attention to drug claims and false claims. Mr. LoPresto indicated that he understood and agreed, and he mentioned that this had been a topic of discussion with company management and that things were going to be improved in that area. He also noted his personal opinion that, "... all of that stuff should just be pulled down. We should just have the one approved company video that we know is compliant, and that's it..."

After speaking with LoPresto I felt a bit better. He was a super-friendly guy and seemed to see what I saw. We did not talk about product ingredients at all at the time. The ingredients became a problem later, as I realized what the real math of what is a "30X" solution.

In addition to the various potential sources of trouble as far as claims and the long-term stability concerns I had for the company itself as a result, I began running some calculations to figure out exactly how much HGH is in a dose of Somaderm.

I found it quite odd that I could not find a single statement anywhere as to the quantity of HGH in the product. This data is not on the company website anywhere. It is not noted in the product PDF nor on the product sales page, nor in any of the videos, webinars or anywhere else that I could find.

The only statement as to quantity of HGH is limited to this:


There are other ingredients, and they are listed, but not as to quantity.

So in order to answer my own question as to how much HGH is actually present in a dose of Somaderm I had to do the math myself.

My conclusion: Somaderm does not contain HGH.

In fact, it is mathematically impossible that a dose of Somaderm can contain any HGH whatsoever.

This is not my opinion. This is basic chemistry and math.

I'll walk you through the math in a moment but in order to follow the math you'll need to understand how homeopathic dilution works.

How Homeopathic Dilution Works

Homeopathy has various notations for indicating the degree of dilution of a substance.

There are "X" dilutions and "C" dilutions.

An "X" dilution works like this:

You take one part HGH (in our case) and you dilute it with 10 parts dilutant (water, alcohol, or whatever you are using as a dilutant), and you shake them well to completely mix the solution.

The result is a solution/dilution which is 1/10 as concentrated as the original pure substance.

That's a "1X" dilution.

If you were to take that 1X dilution and mix that with another 10 parts water, for example, and mix it thoroughly, you'd then have a solution/dilution that is one part HGH to 100 parts water. See, you are taking the already diluted solution that is 1:10 and diluting with 10 more parts, bringing your final dilution to a 1:100 ratio.

That's a "2X" dilution.

In other words it's moving the decimal place to the left for each cycle.

1X is 0.1 concentration. It's 1/10 HGH, and the rest is water or other dilutant.

2X is 0.01 concentration, or 1/100 HGH.

A 3X would be 0.001 concentration or one part HGH to 1,000 parts water.

Every new dilution cycle is another "X", and that reduces the previous concentration by 10X, or rather, divides the concentration by 10.

We are just moving the decimal to the left one spot for each "X", in simplest mechanical math terms.

A "C" solution dilutes each round by a factor of 100, rather than a factor of 10. Thus a 2C dilution would be 1:10,000 and a 5C dilution would be 1:10,000,000,000. That's one part substance to 10 billion parts water, for example.

Somaderm is a "30X" solution.

That means 30 decimal places:


That's 30 cycles of dilution, with each dilution reducing the prior solution to 1/10 of its former concentration.

That's how homeopathy works.

Proponents of homeopathy tend to say things like, "Less is more in homeopathy," or "The more diluted the more effective." But like some brain-washed cult, at least in my experience, they haven't been so great about realizing that their is a statistical limit.

If you continue to dilute the solution, you will eventually reach a point where there is NONE of the original substance in it, but only dilutant will remain.

According to perfect homeopathic theory, if "less is more" then the most effective solution would be a solution with none of that substance remaining. In other words, pure water, for example, would be "very effective" as it's the most dilute.

I have presented this concept to six different NewULife distributors as well as directly to the company via the Customer Service email and their FB page service request form. I called NewULIfe 6 times over the course of 5 days, and waited on hold for approximately 15 minutes each time, until their phone system disconnected me. I have not gotten a response from the company as yet.

So far not a single one of the six distributors that I've contacted with my calculations have been able to refute to my math or chemistry theory. Four of them have responded only with links to testimonials, or the, "less is more," theory. Not one up to this point seems to grasp the math on this. Or perhaps they are simply not willing to confront the facts.

I sent them this video wherein I walk through the math, which I'll walk you through now.

Before I do, I'd like to point out that I am willing to be corrected on the chemistry and math of this. If anyone from NewULife can show me that there is any quantity of HGH in a single dose of Somaderm, and can show me the math, I'll pull this post down and replace it with an apology and the correct math. Heck, if someone can provide to me that there is a therapeutic dose of HGH in a single dose of Somaderm, I'll enroll as a distributor and sell the product myself.

I believe my math, though approximated, is correct and rules out the possibility that there is any HGH whatsoever in a single dose of Somaderm.

I suspect that various NewULife distributors will want to argue with me and tell me things such as, "Well, yeah, but look at all these people who are feeling better!"

I'm not here to argue over the feelings or perceived experiences of other people. And I'm looking to speculate or hope about this topic. I'm also not here to argue against the idea that people taking this product are seeing benefits.

The only question I am asking here is, "Exactly how much HGH is in a dose of Somaderm?" Anything else is irrelevant. Testimonials and improvements in body characteristics of those who have used the product can be mental/psychosomatic, placebo, or even merely the result of their thyroid or adrenal systems improving, since the product does contain 8X Throidinum and 6X Glandula Suprarenalis Suis. At no time have I claimed that the product is entirely useless or that it cannot get any positive results.

It is my believe that selling a product that does not have any of the substance you are claiming it contains, is fraud.

My claim is only that it does not contain HGH. And as the marketing materials for this product are heavily focused on Somaderm being an HGH supplement, this would be fraudulent marketing.

I suspect that very few NewULife distributors have bothered to try calculating this out, and those to whom I've pointed this out seem to be unwilling to accept the simple math. Of course, I am pointing out that their income source may be a fraud and I can understand how that would be hard for some people to accept. This however does not change the math.

The Calculations That Prove No HGH In Somaderm

So, let's have a look.

A bottle of Somaderm is 3.5 oz of solution.

One bottle is intended as a 60-day supply.

3.5 oz are approximately 103.5 ml.

103.5 ml divided by 60 are approximately 1.73 ml.

That would make the daily dosage 1.73 ml.

As the recommendation is a dose in the morning and a dose in the evening, each dose would be half of that 1.73 ml, or approximately 0.86 ml.

Thus, one dose is about 0.86 ml.

With me so far?

The question then becomes, how much HGH is in 0.86 ml of Somaderm?

Remember, this is a 30X solution.

That means one part HGH to one nonillion parts water (or whatever the dilutant is). We'll calculate assuming water as the dilutant for the remainder of the calculation.

One nonillion is 30 number places.

That means one part HGH for every 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 parts water.

This begs the question; how many water molecules are there in 0.86 ml?

This is where it becomes clear that there is no HGH in a dose of Somaderm.

In order to get even one molecule of HGH you'd need one nonillion molecules of water.

Any higher of a concentration and it's not 30X.

You can do your own "Googling" if you like but we find that there are 3.34 X 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 to the 22nd power) molecules of water in one ml.

That's 33,400,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules of water in one ml.

But a dose of Somaderm is not one ml. It's only 0.86 ml.

Multiplying by 0.86, we get 28,724,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules of water (if it's not water the outlook gets even worse).

That's 28.7 sextillion molecules. Sounds like a lot doesn't it? Well, hold up a minute there Sparky!

We'd need to have one nonillion water molecules to get just a single molecule of HGH with a 30X solution.

One nonillion is TENS OF MILLIONS of times LARGER than a sextillion!

To be more exact, one nonillion is 34,814,092 X larger than 28.7 sextillion.

A single dose of Somaderm is, at the very most, 28.7 sextillion molecules, total, assuming the dilutant is water.

Conclusion: One would need 34.8 million doses of Somaderm to receive a single molecule of HGH.

Let's cover that again in case you missed it. A single dose of Somaderm is 34,814,092 times smaller than the sample size you would required in order get even one molecule of HGH with a 30X dilution.

Using the recommended dosing of twice per day that would take 47,690 years and six months to get a single molecule of HGH.

I'm sure that not a single consumer out there has that kind of time to see any benefits from supplementing with HGH, and I'm not sure a single molecule would do anything at all.

Incidentally, that would require 286,140 bottles of Somaderm. Assuming the price doesn't change that would be a total of $45,779,538.60 worth of Somaderm at $159.99 per bottle.

As you can see it is a mathematical impossibility that Somaderm contains any HGH.

After submitting these calculations to a handful of NewULife distributors, three of them responded to tell me that, "more diluted is more potent," completely missing the mathematical impossibility of any potency whatsoever, completely missing the concept of a statistical limit for dilution.

One of the respondents told me, "It's all about electromagnetic footprints (frequencies) water memory."

So I suppose any NewULife distributors can ethically tell their prospective customers, "You're buying water with an electromagnetic memory of HGH, but no actual HGH even though the package says it's 'HGH'," however, letting a customer believe they are buying an HGH supplement is at best an utter fraud, according to known science and the most basic chemistry and mathematical calculations.

In the Old West of the United States in the 19th century, there were charlatans who rode from town to town selling "snake oil," a "miraculous cure-all for any ailment!" Many people bought it up, hoping for the cure. NewULife and Somaderm seem to be carrying the snake oil tradition forward, with gusto.

For those of you who are making money selling Somaderm, I'm sorry to be the one to inform you that you are not selling HGH at all, regardless of what New U Life and Alex Goldstein have told you. Ask Alex to show you the math on this himself. He will tell you that my understanding of 30X is correct, that it's, "30 decimal places," and you will be able to verify for yourself that what I've shared here is correct. In fact, here is a recording of Alex explaining the 30X dilution himself.

I would encourage any NewULife distributors to find another product line which does not force you to deceive the customers.