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One thing that you'll need to come to grips with, if you desire to have a big, successful business, is the fact that you will always have people criticizing you, giving you negative feedback, accusing your of being unethical, etc., provide that you are promoting at a level which is sufficient to grow your business.

In other words, you simply cannot avoid getting negative feedback from the public. Every business--every single business on Earth--who is doing a good job and providing a good product and/or service gets negative feedback, comments, accusations if they are doing a good job.

The ONLY way to avoid criticism and "haters" is to avoid promotion and to not do business.

I'm not telling you this to "try and help you feel better about it". It is a fact that such is unavoidable.

In fact, if you are not getting negative feedback and criticism from the public it means only one thing:

You are NOT doing a good job of promoting and you are not making your business flourish and prosper.

In case there is any ambiguity remaining, let me be clear:  Negative feedback and even hateful, hostile criticism from a certain percentage of people is absolutely unavoidable. No matter what you do--you could be curing children of cancer free of charge--you will get people criticizing you and accusing your of being "bad" one way or another.

Are You Naive Or Just Brand-New?

Every once in a while someone will contacts me and say something absurd like, "I found a number of negative comments on some forums when I was researching you in Google..." or some such nonsense. Frankly, this sort of statement only makes the speaker look incredibly ignorant. It is something that is only said by people who have never accomplished anything in business, or who are super-young and naive and actually believe that if you "do everything right, everyone will love you".

If you think that any business who has a great product and does a tremendous job of servicing their customers will go without criticism and "haters", you're a fool. It's a simple as that.

How To Handle Criticism and Negative Feedback

Just ignore it. It's as simple as that.

I do what I call "dead-listing". This means that when I get critical emails or voice mails, etc. I simply remove that contact from my mailing list and I add a "Rule" to my email client to automatically deleted any new mail coming from that address. I also add a "block" for that phone number via my phone management system (Comcast).

In short, cut out the "cancer".

There simply is no reason to even pay attention to these A-holes.

Now, if you are actually a "scum-bag" and you're ripping people off, you're going to get tons and tons of negative feedback. I'm assuming that those reading this are actually honest business owners who are striving to provide a good product or service to their market.

How Much Criticism Should You Get?

About 2.5% of the population are "anti-social". This doesn't mean the same thing as "unsociable", which is what the average person thinks of when you say "anti-social". And anti-social is a person with certain personality characteristics. And those characteristics involve mainly: "squashing" or making less of others. It doesn't matter what you are actually doing. The more help you are providing. The more honest and ethical you are, the more hateful and accusative and hostile these people will be toward you.

It's not you. It's them.

I did not invent these concepts. No one invented it. At best you could all this a "discovery". I first learned about the characteristics of the anti-social personality in 2001. You can CLICK RIGHT HERE to learn the 12 characteristics of the anti-social person. It will help you understand and become better able to handle these people.

The key is in understanding that this is part of business. It's that simple. It has always been part of being in business and it always will be. Either learn to deal with them, or get out of business and stay broke (which is what these people want, by the way.) No matter what you do, 2.5% of the people you deal with will try to squash you and get you to fail.

Personally, if I'm not getting criticism and "haters" (at least 3 per week) I consider that I am not promoting effectively enough. It is an indicator of whether I am doing my work well. If I'm doing it right, I'll have "haters". If I'm not impinging hard enough into the public to get my message out there--if I'm not promoting heavily enough to actually make my business grow--I won't be communicating with enough people to get the criticism, you see?

The 4 Phases Of Business Growth

1. Get Attention

2. Get Criticism

3. Get "Haters"

4. Get Admiration

Here is a great video from one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Grant Cardone, where he covers these 4 phases:

You can click here to view another tutorial on this topic of negative rumors, etc. regarding the MLM profession, from one of my favorite people and one of  the best network marketers in history, Tim Sales. It's entitled, "Is Network Marketing Bad? Is What You've Heard True?"

Alan Cosens
Alan Cosens

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