1.  You are responsible for conducting your business and for adhering to any terms and conditions set forth by the company/opportunity that you have joined me in.  This includes all refund policies as laid out by that company.

2.  I am only here to offer advice and to provide suggestions to to answer questions to the best of my ability based on my current level of knowledge and experience in this niche industry.  I am not here to build your business for you.  I am not here to give charity.

3.  There are NO guarantees in life or in business.  Anyone who tells you that success if guaranteed and is not dependent upon you individual abilities is lying to you.

4.  Your success is determined by you.  Your success or “failure” is a result of decisions you make.  These are created circumstances, not “things that happen to you”.  You are the cause.  If you succeed it is because you created success.  If you fail it is because you created failure.  There is no escaping the fact that no matter what results you are getting, you are creating them.

5.   Just as it is your responsibility to build your business, if you make the bad decision of giving up on yourself and you decide to quit your business, it is your responsibility to cancel/delete your account through the company and/or by logging into your back office admin area for that particular opportunity.    This is an easy process and if you run into some rare technical error you can always submit a support ticket and the company Admin will delete/cancel your account.

It is not my job to do free administrative work for people to cancel their account so that they can quit.  I am here to see people make it go right, not give up.  I am here to help people start a business, not kill their business.

6.  Your member fees are non-refundable just as it clearly states in the Terms and Conditions, which you had the opportunity to review prior to your joining.  If you fail to apply policy #5 above in attempting to cancel and you simply send me an email telling me you are quitting — This will not result in your account being cancelled.   See #5 above.

If you decide to quit that is up to you.  There should be no expectation that I will go out of my way to do the extra work necessary to kill your business and delete your account for you.  If you are unwilling to commit yourself and to make it go right to create success, then you can at least manage the responsibility of deleting your account on your own.  Doing so is not my job.

If you fail to delete your account in such a circumstance and you wait, expecting me to do it for you, rest assured that your subscription payments will continue and that coming to me later asking for a refund will result only in me referring you to policy #5 above.

All membership fees are non-refundable.  It is your job to see to it that your account is deleted if you decide to make that decision.

If you do happen to be considering quitting you should first listen to the audio message here:

7.  We survive as a group in this business.  Your contribution to yourself, in building your business, is a contribution to the group.  The rest of the group depends on you to make your business go right.  It is not just about you.  You are responsible for your business and the business of the other members of the group as well.