About the Home Business How-To Series:

It is observed that there are a handful of fundamental skills which are needed in order to transition from employed (or unemployed) to being a prosperous home business owner. That transition can be relatively simple, or it can be complicated beyond all comprehension.

There are myriad courses out there that you can buy which purport to "show you how," but the reality is, most of those courses (I've probably bought it) are taught on way too steep a gradient. In other words, what they are teaching starts from a point that is already far beyond the current level of understanding of the average person.

Here in the Home Business How-To series, I aim to provide you with the basics on those skills you'll need to develop in order to make that transition, regardless of which product you sell or which company you promote.

These skills can be applied forever, to any venture upon which you embark.

Over the years, and after working with and coaching tens of thousands of people personally, I have observed that most people are deficient in the same basic understandings and skills. I've also observed that much of this is due to watching too many sales videos for products and systems that promise you the worlds and which manipulate you pain by agreeing with your challenges in a way that convinces you to buy their offer, rather than actually giving you what you really need. In other words, you've been given a bunch of false data, which has only served to confuse you and make you resentful.

The last thing a newbie needs is to be told how "easy" it's going to be, or that all he has to do is click three buttons and money will fall from the sky like magic! It may or may not be "easy" for you. But it will take focus, persistence and work... I don't care what business it is.

Correct data, correctly applied, gets a relatively predictable result. Incorrect data applied, does not. Correct data, incorrectly applied does not. Here, I bring you the correct data.

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