These are my observations only. I am not a doctor, nor am I an dietician or an nutritionist. I do have a degree in human physiology. As always, seek your own medical advice for any health problem. This information is not intended to diagnose, prevent, mitigate, treat or cure any disease.

The following are observations I've made related to fat loss. I've lost 10.4 lbs in the last 15 days (over 60 lbs total). The routine I'm following is below. Many of the "pointers" below I learned over the course of several years of experimenting. Many of the supplements/products I use are linked to their source so that you can see what they are. Some of them are things I sell. Some are not. They are noted here because that is what I use and I use what I use for a reason. I've personally tested hundreds of different things. My current regimen did not result from an accident.

The sensation of Hunger has 3 causes:

1. Empty stomach
2. Lack of one or more nutrients, regardless of whether the stomach is empty or full
3. Obsessive/psychological/habitual eatingness (just eating because it feels good, or just mindlessly munching while watching a movie, etc.)

I have found that for myself that #2 is by far the most significant influence and that #3 tends to resolve when #2 is handled. I have proven this out for myself many times.

Hormones play a bigger role than calories:

There is much more to it than “calories in, calories out”, despite what the AMA tells you. 1500 calories of Snickers and McDonalds will not create the same result at 1500 calories of raw cauliflower, carrots, cucumber, or even eggs or clean beef.

… not even close.

Without going into too much detail, there are hormones that burn fat and there are hormones that prevent fat burning.

Major keys to reducing/eliminating fat-storing hormones and increasing fat-burning hormones (this was absolutely HUGE for my own body):

1. NO sugar, period. Get it out there. That includes ALL breads, processed grains, noodles, potatoes, etc. If you find this is very difficult to do I’d say you are addicted to sugar and an insulin response. Tough it out for 3 days and you’ll be alright. You just might have a headache for 3 days.

2. Get as much sleep as you need. Fat burn and body repair happen during sleep. Lack of sleep creates stress. Stress hormones make fat-burning almost impossible. Going on 4 or 5 hours of sleep per night will make it nearly impossible to lose weigh. Even starving yourself with a lack of sleep will slow down the weight loss tremendously.

3. Exercise must vary or skip days and must be done so as to not boost stress hormones. I reached a plateau at one point several months ago where I was losing any weight at all… nothing, despite the fact that I was doing literally 90 minutes of INTENSE HIIT training 7 days per week and I was consuming between 900 and 1200 calories only.

I met Dr. Eric Berg and learned from him that the lack of calories combined with the duration of my exercise was causing crazy levels of stress on my body, boosting stress hormones, freezing any weight loss. It sounds nuts, but this is in fact what happened:

I took my exercise down to about 12 minutes every other day. I made no other change. My plateau broke and I lost 7 lbs in about 9 days.

That 12 minutes was composed of 45 second bursts of INTENSE (as hard as I could possibly push myself) sets with about 3 or 4 minutes rest in between, say, 16 sets. These are ideally whole-body exercise such as burpees, sprints, squat jumps, pull-ups, etc. The long rest gives your system enough time to fully recover in between. That is significant because that is what we are trying to develop—the ability to recover.

Some observations on exercise:

It’s not a question of “how many” pull-ups, for example. It’s a question of how intensely and with how much “explosion” one can do it. Dr. Berg explained that keeping it short but intense keeps the body so that it doesn’t start blasting itself with stress hormones such as Cortisol.

Previously I was doing 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest HIIT routines for 90 minutes. My heart was going near maximum for about 85 of those minutes.

If what Dr. Berg says is true, this means I was really working hard to create a flood of stress-hormones in my body, cutting of my ability to burn fat. Another result of this is, I couldn’t sleep!

In short I took my exercise time from about 10.5 hours per week down to about 48 minutes and lost infinitely more weight. Don’t try telling the FDA that, they won’t believe you!

Keep in mind these short bursts have to be very intense. As I get into better shape my performance improves but generally by about 35 to 40 seconds I’m nearly at “failure” and can barely even jump. You really have to push it. If you’re just starting out, obviously, work your way into such a thing on a gradient.

The other suggested option is brisk walking. This does not stress the body so much but would need to be done for far longer periods. The point is, to not activate stress hormones, which kill your fat-loss. Myself, having been very athletic all my life, find walking to not be very stimulating.

Some of you reading this may be athletes or in very exceptional shape. Well, your body would take more stress to get a stress hormone activation, that's all. Most people in that sort of shape are not looking for ways to lose weight.

Being very athletic myself I've found that, for the interest of shaping, I can do very intense sets of weight training without activating my stress hormones. I just have to leave enough time for full recovery between sets. So I might do one set of bicep curls as intensely as I can, with as much explosion as I can, to failure, then immediately drop to a lower weight (this is the same "set"), again to failure... then give my biceps 3, 4 or even 5 minutes to recover fully. During those 3 to 5 minutes I wait for my heart rate to come down to normal and when it does I might do a set for something else, say reverse flys with dumbbells (As long as it's not working the biceps).

I've found I can alternate in this fashion and make if very productive in a short period of time without activating my stress hormones.  And I've actually gotten much stronger this way. This is almost opposite of what most fitness trainers tell you to do as far as the rest period between.

I have found it not at all helpful to lift to failure, then wait 15 seconds and do it again only to reach 1/3 of the reps and intensity on the next set. I seem to get more benefit from doing one set to total failure, waiting as long as 4 or 5 minutes, then doing another set to total failure on the same muscle group. I get more reps in, and at higher intensity. The muscle has gotten harder and stronger doing this, as compared to old way.  The old way (very little rest between sets) just tends to have the muscle fairly numb and weak by the 2nd set.

Here is my current daily:

1. Wake up. Take a dropper full of Slenderiix.
2. Prepare my first nutrient drink of the day.
3. Take a dropper full of Exceller8.
4. Take my supplements with my nutrient drink.

Drink is about 16 to 20 oz and consists of:


3 scoops of Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 (contains 87 of the 90 essential nutrients in powder form. Tastes amazing)

1 scoop of electrolyte power (contains 1000 mg of potassium and some calcium and magnesium)

1 scoop of Beauty Boost

I add to that:

12 oz of Essiac Tea, which has already been brewed.

1 oz of organic apple cider vinegar

2 oz of organic lemon juice

The vinegar and the lemon juice help digestion, reduce any acid reflux, clean the liver and gall-bladder. If your live is not functioning well, it’s going to be awfully tough to lose weight. I know, I had to repair mine a while back.

I mix this in a blender, usually about 48 oz at a time, then store in refrigerator.

Then I dole myself out the following pills/capsule supplements into a cup:

Optimal V - 4 capsules

Optimal M - 4 capsules

Magnical D - 4 capsules

Biopro Q - 1 gel cap

Vinali - 1 capsule

L-lysine - 1 pill, 1000 mg

Xera-Test - 2 pills

Ultimate Selenium - 1 capsule

EFAs - 3 gel caps (Essential Fatty Acids)

I take the drink and the cup full of supplements into my office and gradually drink and swallow over the course of the next 2 hours or so.

Total calories for this is about 40.

After this you couldn't even pay me to eat for about the next 4 hours. When you put all that nutrition in your body, you just don’t want any food. Combine that with the Slenderiix drops and I feel like I generally feel like I could go forever without eating and be okay with it.

Usually about 4 hours later I’ll have another dropper of Slendriix, wait about 15 minutes, then have a dropper of Exceller8, then my first “meal”.

That meal generally consists of:

2 hard-boiled eggs

Another drink (but totally different).

Drink consists of:

2 cups water

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop of Pure Nourish

1 scoop of Power Boost

10 to 15 Gluco-Gels, opened and the powder mixed into the drink

Approx. 1 oz of ground apricot seeds (just with a coffee grinder)

2 scoops of Osteo FX

… all blended together in a blender.

This tastes like drinking liquid chocolate ice-cream. By the time it’s all mixed it’s about 30 to 34 oz and it’s thick. After I drink it I’m so stuffed I don’t want to move and I’m totally satiated.

Total calories on this, with the eggs, is about 500.

I’m usually good for many hours after this.

Generally about 4 or 5 hours after this meal I’ll exercise.  I do seem to get much better workouts, with more power and endurance if I exercise before that meal, but my day just doesn't go that way usually. The ideal would be to exercise in the morning before any food goes in.

After exercise I’ll have another 16 to 20 oz of the first drink from the morning, plus:

2 Optimal M capsules

3 EFA capsules

I’m pretty damn full after that drink and usually end up with a hour or two lag between that an my next meal.

Last meal is usually something like:

2 hard-boiled eggs and maybe 2 oz of roasted peanuts (No oil on these I shuck them myself. Canned/roasted peanuts generally are covered in oil so the salt will stick. This oil is very toxic generally. Feel free to ask me about that if you like.)

Total calories on this is about 470 - 500, including the drink.

At any point after that if I feel like I want food, 90% of the time I’ll eat a head of raw cauliflower. An entire head of cauliflower is only about 200 calories and after you eat it, it feels like you have a bowling ball in your stomach.

Keep in mind that any raw vegetables can be eating in any quantity you want. Hell, you can eat raw carrots all day long and still lose weight. If it's raw it may as well be negligible as far as calories from what I've observered.

I find however that in most cases I have to force myself to eat. The combination of nutrients and the drops just turns me off to food.

Most days I simply cannot hit 1200 calories. The above is not 1200 calories and I'd be absolutely stuffed by the time I put all that in.


Falling Off the Wagon...

Here and there I’ll find myself eating something like cheese and some rice crackers, because my daughter has them out and munching. I’ll notice that I’m just munching and not tracking anything.

In every single case where this has happened it has been a day where I failed to take my dosage of minerals with either my morning drink or my afternoon meal. Keep in mind I "blow it" all the time. Of the last 15 days I've binged on 4 of them.  Every one of those 4 have been days where I got busy and neglected the mineral intake. There have been no exceptions to this that I've seen, even going way back to when I started at 288.

If I skimp on minerals, in particular, I want to eat, regardless of whether my stomach is full.

When I skimp on minerals, even when I’m full, my mouth will water at the smell of the beans and rice (or whatever) that my daughter is having.

If I adequately dose on my nutrients I do not experience this.

This is my story. I cannot promise it will hold true for you.

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