Here is how to generate leads for any business that you want, for guaranteed PER LEAD price of $0.32 to $0.45 EACH…

Firstly, Beware Of These “Guaranteed Signups” Rip-Offs:

Now, there are various services out there that offer “Guaranteed Signups” or “Guaranteed Visitors” out there and most of them are garbage.

I’ve tried many of them.  Some of these are just total scams and they do things such as selling you “hits” but all they do is somehow take your landing page and shrink it down to 1pixel by 1 pixel and they stick it at the bottom of a page with 1000 other shrunken landing pages (all of whom are paying them for the “hits”…) and then the page that is displaying all those tiny little 1px X 1px landing pages (which the visitor will never even notice obviously) gets served as a pop-under or pop-over and a cheap ad network.   The customer (you) see hits and never get any conversions but you are paying for hits… get it?

Another way some of these sites scam you is they simply have a team of cheap out-sourced labor (usually in some low-paying area like the Philippines) who just sits at a computer and fills in contact forms with fake information all day long… so they sell you “Guaranteed Signups” or “Guaranteed Leads” and none of them are real… but technically they are delivery what was ordered.

We’re Talking About Real, Live, Qualified, Opt-In Subscribers…

If you don’t understand why $0.45 leads are a big deal, consider that most home-business owners, network marketers, etc. are happy to get leads for less than $4.00 each.   Some of the most popular advertising co-ops out there charge a substantial monthly fee of up to $50 and then another $3.00 to $4.00 per lead on top of that!

… and if you’ve never heard of this before you’re probably going to kick yourself right in the you-know-what for not knowing about it because it’s so easy and simple, it’s sickening!

Here’s how to do it (and you can start today!)…


You’ll need a GetResponse account.

You can simply get a 30-day free GetResponse account by clicking here.   And when you use that link, you also get a $30 credit to your GetResponse account, so you’ll have 30 days free, then about 2 months after that will be covered, depending on how many new subscribers you add.  GR is about $15 per month until you have 1000 subscribers (at the time of my posting this).   Just be sure you use this link here because if you don’t and you just go off to their website on your own, you won’t get the $30 credit to your account when your free trial is done.

If you ride out the 30-day Free Trail until about Day 25 or 26, GR will contact you and offer you a discount on the paid service to make it even lower once your Free Trial ends.  On top of that, you can choose to pay a whole year at once when your free trial ends and this will save you another 18% or something like that.  Really, this turns out to be very cheap.

Question:  But I already have an Aweber account (… or GVO, or MailChimp, or some other auto-responder service).  Do I really need to use GetResponse?

Answer:  Yes, that is the only way to be able to get your leads at this “sick” low price.

… by the way, GetResponse is far superior to Aweber in many ways in my opinion, and I have and use both services.  And you can import your Aweber contacts list to GetResponse as long as they were gathered with confirmed opt-in when they subscribed to your Aweber.


You’ll need to create at least one mailing list in GetResponse, or simply note the list name of the default campaign that they assign you when you create your account.  You are going to need the list name.

You’ll need to use the GetResponse Tutorials within your account for instructions on this.  It’s very easy to use.  I can’t provide you click-by-click instructions on how to use GetResponse.  They already have the tutorials in there for you to learn.  It’s easy.  And during business hours they even have a live chat support that can direct you to the proper resources, if needed.


Once you have at least created one list in your GetResponse account (or you have at least noted the name of your default campaign), you’ll need to click here and select one of the lead packages and follow the order process through the prompts.

Once your order is completed you will then need to log in and create your ad and enter the GetResponse list name that you wish to dump your new leads into.

The place where you create your ad looks something like this:


Each campaign has a “details” link next to.  When opened it looks like this:

GetSubscribers And GetResponse Graphic

At the bottom of the image above you see “LEADS DELIVERY” and “Options” in that section.  That is where you set the GetResponse list that you wish to receive your leads to.  Just click the “Configure your leads delivery” link and that is where you’ll enter the name of your GetResponse email list.

You do not need a lead capture page.

They will be automatically added to your GR subscriber list.

Once you have written your ad and selected the GR list name that you want to use all you have to do is submit the ad and wait for approval.

That’s it!

Leads will start coming in soon.

Now, obviously you’ll need to use your GetResponse system to follow up with them, keeping in mind that all they know is what your ad said.  See, there is no lead capture page.  They are subscribing based only on your text ad, so be sure that your first email is appropriate to what you are offering.

So, congratulations!  You now have a totally passive lead generation system that will not even require any time from you until your lead package has been fully delivered.

Bad-Ass huh?

I agree.


… be sure to check out other lessons which can help you by using the navigation menu above.  And keep your eye on your inbox for valuable tutorials on all aspects of building a home business.  ; )