Live Network Marketing Training, Unlimited Leads

Live Network Marketing Coaching: Networking, Finding Connections, Unlimited Leads

The average network marketer barely makes any money, not because there is anything wrong with MLM, but because they spend 99% of their time trying to avoid the very activities that create income. Where we excel is in providing very simple, confrontable actions that the average person can do, can win with, without having to be a skilled sales person and without expertise. The correct direction is in the direction of simplicity. Here is a recording of a live coaching session where I taught how to expand your network by simply asking for introductions. The key in this whole process is that it's binary. The answers are either "Yes" or "No". If it's "No" you are done talking to that prospect. It it's "Yes" you have permission to continue. We do not do anything or say anything that we do not have permission to do or say. It's sort of a conversational Aikido. We only work with the direction the prospect wants to go. In this way, as brand new business owner, who is fearful and trying to avoid rejection has a repeating process for developing his or her business, which does not require expertise, but only requires following a repeating formula, and this is productive even when done badly. In all instances the new business building side-steps all rejection, all arguing, convincing, persuading, etc. Remember that this business model is about getting LOTs of people to produce a little bit. It's not about YOU bringing in 10 new sales per day. If you cannot get your new people to duplicate a small level of production, your organization will continually collapse.

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