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Hi! My name is Alan Cosens and I'd like to congratulate you on wanting to take your life to the next level. You've definitely come to the right place.

I work to help entrepreneurs add an extra $100,000 to their annual incomes working part time, and I’ve been in this industry for 19 years.

People start a home based business with the intention of creating a life of freedom. But so many of them fall short of their dream because they have no mentor.

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Procrastination is the killer of dreams.  It's probably been killing yours for a while now. That ends now!  I want to make sure that you have no excuses for procrastinating. I want to make sure that you take action, because taking action is what produces results. Sure, you can "think about it" for the next 5 years, but thinking will never, ever, ever produce results and you know it.

That's why I'm giving your 5 days and ONLY 5 days to do the right thing and jump on my Fast-Mover Bonus!

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I'm going to send you 300 Free Visitors! That means that 300 different people who are looking for ways to create income from home will arrive to your Exitus Elite landing page. This will give you a huge initial boost and your first group of opt-in leads to communicate with our our opportunity. I want you you get your very first member to get you qualified as soon as possible. I'm not "screwing around" here. If you want results you need to TAKE ACTION. I'm making it easy on you!  But you only have 5 days to take advantage of this "stupid", no-brainer of a bonus offer.  Don't be foolish. You know you're going to get in at some point. Take action now and get your first traffic and leads on me!

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I'm going to give you your own version of this exact sales funnel, so that you will totally maximize the results you will get.** Here's a secret:  One of the foolish things that newbies do is they simply send new prospects directly to their company's default sales page. Then they wonder why they aren't getting results. The key is in creating an "offer they can't refuse" and in working as a team to provide so much value that one would have to be "not-too-bright" in order to say "no".

Look, the opportunity is second-to-none, but you have to present it properly. You already see how we are working as a team, right?  Make no mistake, the content on this page and the offer I am making to you right now is not an accident. It is purposefully crafted.

But there is much more to this intentionally crafted, proven-effective sales funnel that you haven't even seen yet! Pre-written emails, multiple different pages and video, various routes for your prospects to get into the game, which we've already proven are effective. And this is all in addition to the bonuses Darren offered you in the video above! You'll see it all inside. But you only have 5 days to get in or you lose this bonus forever. Sure, you can always get in later. It will just be harder, that's all. NOW is the time.

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My mind was absolutely blown away when Darren Little shared with me his secret underground formula he used to generate $28,000 US CASH To his Paypal account in just 7 days, and then over $100,000 in the first 30 days, with ZERO paid ads.

I couldn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.

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With this strategy you are going to learn how to start popping up $1,000 commissions daily and create a $10K monthly marketing budget for ANY business.

No waiting 4 weeks or 8 weeks to get paid... You work today and get paid today.

You will learn how to generate an endless supply of leads for ANY BUSINESS; How to get your phone ringing with INCOMING CALLS; How to build a business without harassing your friends and family and how to roll out professional marketing campaigns to generate auto-pilot sign-ups.

In fact, you will be able to copy the EXACT CAMPAIGNS that have been responsible for $825,884.88 in online commissions working from home.

Imagine waking up to $1000 commissions every day paid directly to your Paypal account in REAL-TIME. In the video above you’ll see instances of $13,000 in commission in a single day and you're going to learn exactly how it’s done.

Look at what our team members are experiencing below, and ask yourself, "How would my life change if that were my face on that image?":

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You'll also learn how to recruit people in 6 to 45 minutes in ANY company. No, that's not a "typo"... 6 to 45 minutes, for real.

You’ll learn how to close and up-sell to higher ticket products; how to have unlimited leads using Facebook and never get rejected ever again.

You'll get swipe and deploy 'Done for you campaigns' and follow ups. Everything is Done for you, you just need to take action.

*See Income Disclaimer below

I am a full-time online marketer and take my business and my team very seriously. One thing you can be guaranteed is that you WILL learn how to market online. And you WILL learn how to become a top recruiter. I've helped thousands of people from all walks of life. It can happen for you too with the right mentoring.

THE BEST WAY TO REACH ME IS VIA FACEBOOK HERE. Just send me a direct message and tell me what has you looking for extra cash-flow. Or reach out to me by email: ajcosens@gmail.com

The more you share with me about what’s happening in your life, the easier it is for me to help you. This is a “friends for life” program, so don’t be shy. I’m happy to help put you on the path to freedom. It all starts with you saying a quick hello.

Our Strategies Work and Our Instructions Are Clear. Follow Them and You'll Change Your Life. But You Have to Be WILLING to Take Responsibility For Creating Your Success. See What I Mean:

The Results Go On and On. I Can't Even Post Them All, But Here Are a Few More. Who is that last one below?

The key important point, aside from all the BONUSES and all the common-sense resources and training that we provide, and the one thing that I observed which I simply could not resist about this business is:

In over 18 years in this industry I have literally never seen so many regular people making so much in commissions so quickly. In most programs like this 97% never make anything. This has been very different. As you can see from the testimonials above, our team is crushing it. Normal people are simply following what we show them to do, and they are getting results.

See, over the years I have personally been a top-producer in every program I've been a part of. That is easy for me. It's easy for me to make money. The hard part about this type of business is finding the right combination of product, training, mentoring and a process that works, all in combination so that brand-new person, who has never done anything like this before can actually get real results, and can get the quickly without having to wait to get paid.

Because of this I can honestly say that this is a once-in-two-decades opportunity. You hear that phrase "this is a once-in-a-decade" opportunity, but I've actually been out here doing this, doing my own recruiting and building large organizations and changing lives. It's not theory for me. I've seen almost all the companies that have impinged on this industry and I just haven't seen anything, ever, that has allowed "Regular Joes" (or "Janes") to generate commission this large, this quickly by simply following a simple process for free networking.

I am very picky about what I spend my time on because I have had success in this industry for so long, I get to pick and choose those things that will create the most income in the least amount of time, which allow a building process that anyone can do.

See, when I look at new opportunities I don't look at it from the standpoint of "Can I make money with this?"  I look at it with the viewpoint, "Will my new team members be able to make money with this?" That is one of the big differences between this business and most others. As Darren says in the video above, this is a personal development and leadership business.

It's not about selling. It's about connecting and creating "friends for life". And we'll create income and get free along the way as we play the game. Sound good? Great. Get ready to pull in some $1,000 commissions...

What Are the PRODUCTS?

Great question. Our products are phenomenal, but I don't cover them on this page because they are covered in full detail ==> RIGHT HERE ON THIS PAGE

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