This lesson is a bit long but it’s worth it.  I show you just what I do to get a ton of traffic, which results in my sponsoring 60 to 70 people per month on average.  I cover many very important concepts here, as well as the complete strategy and I KEEP IT SIMPLE FOR YOU, not overwhelming you with a bunch of unnecessary information that you don’t need.

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Get full demonstration, including exactly how I use Tweet Adder HERE.

See how to install your own WordPress blog HERE.  This lesson is for those of you who wish to get your own hosting account, domain, and your want to install a blank WordPress blog from scratch using cPanel.

Go to the How To Blog For Income video HERE.  I show you exactly how to create new posts and take you through the steps to optimize them.

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•    Keyword in domain?
•    If not, keyword in URL?
•    Keyword in meta-title?
•    Keyword in meta-desription?
•    Keyword in meta-keywords?
•    Keyword in page/post title?
•    Keyword have H1, H2, H3 heading in body?
•    Keyword density > 2% in post?
•    Image required.  Image ALT text have keyword phrase?
•    Keyword in body emphasized with bold, italics, underline?