Solo Ads Are Easy!

Below I take you on a ride-along as I place a Solo Ad.  Guaranteed-clicks solo ads are one of the easiest and fastest ways to get leads right away and they are relatively cheap.

On thing that helps is to have some predict on the conversion rates for your program and to know how much you can spend per click.

For example, the last one of these that I ran I bought 500 clicks and after about 410 clicks I had 130 opt-in leads.  If 5 months worth of statistics is any indication, that 130 leads should bring about 12 to 15 new people into my business and should generate at least $1200 on the front-end easily, and $700 per month in residual income.  All we can go on is history, which is why it is nice to have a high-commission program with predictable conversions such as this one.

How To Place A Solo Ad:

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-Alan Cosens

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