Qivana: 10 Reasons You’ll Fail Miserably In Qivana

Most people who know me from this industry don’t know that I have a B.S. in Human Physiology.  Yeah, I was on a path toward medical school until I realized the entire profession was 95% bullsh** and was mainly composed of people who were trying to “cure” things that they didn’t know the cause of and thus couldn’t possibly fix it.

Don’t get me wrong, I think band-aids are great and certainly I’m not opposed to taking a pain-killer if I’m in agony, but masking symptoms just wasn’t something I was interested in.Factually, the only one that can heal you is YOU.  The “Elan Vital”, the “life-force”, the “life-energy”, “the spirit” or whatever else you want to call it… that thing that is you, that is the difference between you dead and you alive… that LIFE is what heals the body and nothing else.

The problem is that we live in a world where it’s almost impossible for someone to actually provide all the essential tools to the body which are needed to actually allow it to heal itself.  Soils are depleted.  Fertilizers do not replenish the micro-nutrients and a wide array of things that were once in the soil.  If you think about the development of a body over the course of 20,000 years or longer, you have to look at the type of environment that these bodies developed in, and understand that just in the last couple hundred years, in  particular the last 50 or so, our eating habits have gone from: growing our own vegetables and that was pretty much what we lived on (or we ate what was available naturally in the jungles), to — eat at McDonald’s 5x per week, Taco Bell 3x, drink 15 Dr. Peppers per week and slam ourselves with coffee and artificial sweetener, and so on ad infinitum.

Did you ever wonder why you miracle story after miracle story from people who experienced some incredible healing after taking products from some nutritional company, whether it was Qivana, or Chews4Health, or MonaVie or anything else?  Oh Wow!  Miracles!  You know, the guy could hardly walk and certainly couldn’t pick up his grandkids, then he started taking such-and-such product and within about 3 or 4 months he was pain free!  Amazing stories.  But not “miracles”.

The fact is that almost everyone, at least in the United States is malnourished.  Almost everyone.  About the only exceptions are the people who are the “health nuts” and “whole-foods-stuff-themselves-with-supplements-and-organics”-type people.  Everyone else is malnourished.

Well, when you have millions and millions of people simple devoid of the building blocks their body needs to repair itself what result would you expect than pain, fatigue, illness, and various other chronic conditions.  It’s not magic.  Try to grow a flower garden in sandy soil and don’t give it any nitrogen or phosphorous and see what happens.  Easy demonstration.

So, we get a ton testimonials and a bunch of companies selling supplements because they help and they work.  This is a wonderful thing.

But many of these companies I just can’t understand how they stay in business.  There are literally companies out there that manage to stay in business just selling one particular juice, for example.  A juice.  It just happens that that juice contains something that enough people are deficient in, that when they drink it they feel great and when they don’t they feel lousy and so that company is able to continue to provide that product to a niche of loyal customers.  Fantastic.  What gets me is that there are so darn many of these companies.

I generally would stay away from a nutritional-based company as an MLM opportunity to promote, not because I think they are bad companies, but because I feel it’s difficult for prospects to differentiate between these products and the companies who sell them.  It’s a drum that’s been beaten to the point where people can hardly hear it anymore.  Also, I tend to be a strong recruiter and I’m more interested in talking to people about building their dreams and making something happen for themselves financially, than I am in talking to them about their constipation problems and insomnia.  You get me? And to build an downline in a company like that you really have to spend time on retail sales and building a customer base and then pulling from that customer based to recruit people into your organization.  It’s just different from how I like to operate.  There is nothing wrong with it.  It’s just a personal preference.

Also, the compensation plans for most of these companies just make it hard to make any real money.  You’ve got to put hundreds and hundreds of people in to hit anything near what I would consider a worthwhile income, and you have to have many others in your downline do the same in order to achieve that income, and it’s tough.  Major, major “kudos” to anyone who has been able to do that.  You are a “Bad Mutha ******”!

Anyhow, one of these nutritional-based MLMs that I really like is called Qivana.

I like the approach that is taken by Dr. Marcus Laux, a world-renown naturopath.  It is in total agreement with the conclusions I have arrived at on my own through my own research.  (I’m not talking about lab research here, just study of different physiological theories).

About the only thing I would add to it is an intensive full-body detoxification program, though a supplement-based detox is part of the Qivana Qore regimen.

Here’s how Qivana breaks down their simple description of the Qore system:

Qivana’s QORE™ System is a practical health regimen created with world-class natural products. The system follows a very simple 3-step philosophy—Stabilize, Vitalize and Optimize.

STABILIZE your intestinal flora daily with QORE Probiotics to build immune defense and enhance nutrient absorption.

VITALIZE your system daily with QORE Essentials, a proprietary blend of proven healing herbs from Asia for enhanced energy and protection.

OPTIMIZE your wellbeing each quarter with a body cleansing with QORE Detox, or boost your immune system with QORE Defense.

Great approach.

Perfect sequence.

I’ll leave it up to you study why this is on the Qivana website yourself.

It’s pretty obvious that this would have to be the approach for someone who has been living in this nutritionally abberated world for many years.

As a network marketer I also have to say that Qivana has one of the nicest websites around.  Classy, clean, to-the-point, and aesthetic.  Just from a recruiting standpoint… when you send a prospect to a site like this, that prospect knows he’s looking at a group that has their stuff together.  Hell, I promote some things that I make a ton of money with and the company websites are crap!  Overly “cheesy” and such, you know?

The Qivana Compensation Plan

Now Qivana has a completely typical compensation plan.  Nothing particularly wrong with it.  It’s par for this type of MLM company.

It’s a binary that pays team commissions on your weaker leg… 10% on your weaker leg… well, that’ better than Numis Network pays on their binary!

And then of course you would earn retail commissions, really it’s “profit” on selling products at retail.  So you sell the product and keep the difference between what you sell them for and whatever was your cost.  And if you want to order stock and hand-deliver to people you could charge whatever you want I suppose.  Very common, very typical MLM comp plan.  Nothing I would get too excited about.

Without question, it is the products and the approach to nutrition that is going to be the key here.  It ain’t gonna be the “marvelously lucrative compensation plan”.  Sorry Qivana reps, but it’s true.  Great company.  Great products.  Great approach.  So-so comp plan.

What it really boils down to is that you are going to have to sell a crap-load of product to make any money in the beginning, and then you are going to have to be building your downline on a daily basis because otherwise you will never get free of your work.

Now, I’ve been network marketing for 14 years and thing start to look pretty clear after than long and over time I have made some observations about things which grow this type of business and things with destroy this type of business.

Well, here are 10 things which will keep you from ever making any real money in Qivana:

1. Being a couch-potato and spending 4 hours per day watching TV, like most Americans.  In this business you’ve got to be a mover and shaker Baby!  You’ve got to make it happen.  You will not be able to sit and wait.  If you are a lazy-ass, don’t even bother.

2. Focusing your presentations on the compensation plan (See 3 paragraphs previously for why).

3. Not aggressively working to establish retail customers.  I am quite convinced that if you take a “focus-on-recruiting-only” approach, you’re going to have a tough row to hoe.

4. Working ONLY to establish retail customers.  The power of MLM is the fact of residual income earned from one’s down-line.  That is the point.  And recruiting is where the money is.  Omit recruiting efforts and you will end up with a long-term job instead of a “get-myself-free” plan.  I prefer to focus only on recruiting and let the company sites do the selling of the products.  That is very hard to do with a nutritional-based product.

5. Don’t put any “system” in place to handle all the crap that you shouldn’t be wasting time one.  Factually, there are only 2 things you should even be focusing attention on with a Qivana business.  One is contacting new people, and the second is following up with those few who are interested.  Everything else can be automated.  Try and do everything else manually and you will end up working yourself to death and you will quickly cap your income.

6. Don’t put anything in place to allow your prospects to get to know you.  In other words, try marketing with only the Qivana website as it is.  You will sell some products but your recruiting is going to be non-existent. This is a business of relationships when it comes to recruiting.  You must provide a way for your prospects to get to know you.  The actual You, not some phony salesperson You.

7. Spend most of your contacting time talking to people who would rather have a job.  These people are easy to identify.  Anyone who says something like “Is this a pyramid scheme?”, or “Is this kind of business legal?”, or “Why do I have to pay to make money?”… there’s your clue… on to the next person!  Don’t even try and waste time “convincing”.  You will be up against trying to change a mindset that is “SET”.  Their MIND is SET.  GET IT?

8. Sign up with a team or a sponsor that is absolutely clueless as to how to go about generating a regular stream of qualified leads on a daily basis.  This should be self-explanatory.

9. Spend all your time “telling” your prospects how wonderful Qivana is.  Don’t bother to ask them anything.  99% of network marketers talk way too much. Ask a question that will get them to look, then shut up and let them look and talk.  When they are done acknowledge them and ask them another question that will get them to look.  It’s not your job to “sell” them.  It’s your job to get them to look so that they can “see” for themselves.  Remember, they are going to have to get to work after they start, and if it’s not totally their decision to join, they won’t.

10. Spend your time telling people about why your vitamins are better than the other guy’s vitamins.  It’s a pointless activity.  There are too many “other guys” out there.  It’s an endless circle.  You are better off moving on to the next person and the next.  You will get more results out of contacting more new people than you will trying to spend all your time beating the ones you already know into submission.

Sure, there are more things you could do to louse it up I suppose, but those are the main ones.

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