Tools You Will Need:

PhotoFiltre (free)

Jing Screen Capture Software (free)

Microsoft Paint (comes free with Windows)

Notepad or Wordpad (also free with Windows)


Here is the process:

  1. Create the lines of text logos that you want using, saving each individually to your computer
  2. Open all the images in PhoteFiltre at once
  3. Press the “Print Screen” button on y0ur keyboard to copy the screen then paste it into Microsoft Paint
  4. Open a 2nd application of Paint
  5. Open Notepad and maximize to full screen.
  6. Press “Print Screen” again to copy the blank, white screen created by the open Notepad application
  7. Paste this blank, white screen into the 2nd application of Paint so that you now have a blank white canvas to work with
  8. Use the 1st application of Paint to copy each line of text logo and paste into the 2nd Paint application, one at a time, aligning the lines of text how you want them
  9. Once you have all the text positioned as you choose use Jing to get a screen-capture image of the final graphic, and save it to your computer. This is the final image that you will upload
  10. Upload that final image to your WordPress blog (or just use an FTP client such as FileZilla and upload it directly to your host server)
  11. Scale the size of the image (if needed), then “Save”
  12. Click “edit” and get the URL for the image location.
  13. Paste that URL into the “Header” editing area of your contact form editor in Aweber, under the “Advanced Options”
  14. Adjust the vertical padding and position as necessary
  15. Repeat all the above steps for the submit button image as well
  16. Save the form, move on to the Steps 2 and 3 in Aweber to finish saving the form and get the form code to embed onto your website

Hope that helped!