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Benefits Of Joining My Infinity Downline Team

Don’t sign up for Infinity Downline until you read this article, if you actually want to get paid for your efforts.

And click the “read more” link for the $200K Per Month Within 12 Months Blueprint.  I lay it right out for you.

(Since the time of this post there have been some changes regarding Infinity Downline and PayPal.  Alertpay is the recommended payment processor current as PayPal has implemented policies against processing ANY network marketing/MLM/affiliate marketing transactions.

Other than knowing the basics about this program, such as how the program actually works, and what are the products, and where do you send new members to sign up, there are a few specific things that you will want to know which can save you much pain and frustration and time.

Firstly, as Infinity Downline is set up so the members pay each other directly, with the aid of the automation provided by Infinity Downline‘s software, you can choose the forms of payment that you prefer to receive.

Infinity Downline even lets you choose check or money order as a form of payment and you can have your new enrollees send them to you through snail mail.

I’m sure not a very big percentage of people choose this option but it’s there if you are old-school.

Paypal is probably the most common method of payment accepted in Infinity Downline, with AlertPay probably pulling in second.

When a new prospect goes to purchase their membership, your sign up page will indicate to them which form of payment they may use.

If you are like me you will sign up and quickly put in some traffic and have someone attempting to join within a very short period of time.

If you are like me, you already have a PayPal account, which you will use to sign up yourself.  And that sign up process may go just fine.

But you may find that when you send your new people to sign up for their Infinity Downline membership, that they are unable to make payment, and you are unable to get paid.

This will happen if you make PayPal your preferred payment acceptance method and you do not have a premium or business account with PayPal.

This seems odd because it is perfectly fine to pay with a personal account.  You just can’t accept payment unless you have a premium account.

This is something you need to know as getting paid is the name of the game here.

I saw nothing of this mentioned on the Infinity Downline website.

My first prospect was simply given a notice that they could not make payment due to the fact that I did not have a business account with PayPal.

After the fact, I did notice that my sponsor had posted this concept on one of his pages.

It was a page that he owns, and created himself, which he sent me the link to when I first signed up.  I just never got to the part about needing a business account.

Seems like something that Infinity Downline would let you know right on the first page when you try to sign up.  I still haven’t found anything about this on the site.

So, there is a bit of a lag if you do not already have a premium or business account.

The nice thing about using PayPal or AlertPay is that the Infinity Downline software automatically pays you from your downline member’s account each month on the same day and you don’t have to mess with it after they sign up.

If you choose to receive payments by check through the mail keep in mind that you are going to have to stay on top of each person and you will be doing collections work each month.

As I have covered in detail in another article, Infinity Downline pays 100% of their revenue out in commissions and you receive $25 per month for each person you enroll.

If you want to become a marketing super-hero and would like to dominate your current company, learn about the benefits of joining our Infinity Downline Team and then join Infinity Downline and use it either as a feeder program (works really well by the way), or as your primary.  I am aware of only two network marketing companies that pay out 100% of their revenue in commissions.  This is one of them.

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  • Alan Cosens


    I’ve never used postcards. Obviously if you choose to spend money advertising your business that is an expense. I don’t see that one would need to do so in order to get one referral. You should be able to get your first four just networking around within the people you know. You can always create another account to change teams if you choose, but I certainly wouldn’t pressure you to do so.

  • Kim


    Great site! For all of those who want to join Infinity Downline I recommend Alan to be your sponsor.


  • Carolyn Harvey


    Hello Allen:

    As you probably guessed just looking at my website name, I am already a new member of ID. The $25 program and I have a sponsor of course but I did not see your website page until now. I am with a team, but I do not feel I am getting all the help I need. I listened to your video and it makes a lot of sense. I am only sending out the postcards to start. I feel it is a wonderful opportunity here but you don’t exactly break even after one sign-up. What about the near $300 you need to invest to purchase postcards and stamps? Anyway I am a Christian and I believe in telling the 100% truth about anything and I agree with having a team. I am looking for a team that I can work with and since I am a part of ID already, you don’t have to help me in any way but if you can I will be very grateful. I would love to network with people of the same like mind and I know we can help each other prosper.

    Carolyn Harvey

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