*I don’t know the guy doing the presentation.  It just happens to be one of the very few easy-to-follow explanations I could find…

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I initially began using this system simply as a way to fund advertising cost for my Empower Network business.  And it does work well for that, since I don’t have to do any real work to make money with it.  If you wish you see how we use it for this purpose you can click here to watch the full tutorial.  Be sure to click the “Register Now” button above and create your free account.  Remember it is literally impossible to not make money once you simply get your account created and verified and your panels activated.  Let me simplify:  Every single person who buys a package will make money… period… no exceptions.

This is with no recruiting/sponsoring, and no promotion whatsoever.

Will you make more long term if you refer others?  Yes.

Will you make more if you promote to find others to refer?  Yes.

Do you have to refer others to make money?  No.

Create your account, purchase an Ad-Pub Combo package, activate your panels… then wait.

Register now.

Email me with questions.

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-Alan ; )