I Love Emails Like This

I love getting feedback like this from people.  I went through and chose some random emails.  Thought this would be helpful for anyone new, looking for help:

Thank you emails

Thank You Email Feedback Image

Thank You Email Feedback

Thank You Email Feedback Image

Thank You Emails Feedback Image

Thank You Email Feedback Image


I provide comprehensive team training and marketing resources for my teams.  Within my membership site I have divided it into a main section, accessible to all people who are in any of my down-lines, and also sections specific to particular opportunities.  So, someone in my Empower Network team, for example, would also have access to the Empower Network Team Resources pages within my team resources site.  The key to this is that, not only does this provide instruction for you, but it gives you a resource for you to offer to your prospects.  See, when you join and then you refer a new member, you send that new member a link to register for the team resources site.

All of their starting instructions are listed within that site along with tutorials on how to do just about anything they want.  This frees you from having to gather information to refer them to and it frees you from having to teach them stuff.  It gives you the ability to refer them to the appropriate resource for help, even if you are not an “expert”.  There is much value in this.


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