While all of the following methods do work, under the proper conditions…

  • Blogging takes a lot of time and a lot of work and even longer to generate any reasonable number leads on a consistent basis, though I have been blogging for years and I do get a lot of leads from it.  It is something that is built over time.
  • SEO is a time-consuming pain and can be very expensive, depending on what tools you use and/or outsourcing you do.
  • Pay-Per-Click can take forever just to tweak your campaign to where it’s not driving you into the “poor-house”, that is if you can ever get it to the point where you get a return form it.
  • Pay-Per-View seems cheap at first, then you realize that it might take you months or years to get your campaign productive because most people find those pop-unders irritating and the conversion rate is super-low.
  • Lead Scrapers tend to pull leads of “questionable” relevance at best, since all they can do is look for keywords and contact info, and even if you are generating leads with lead scrapers you need an expensive automated method to contact those leads, scrub your lists, remove duplicates, etc., which can turn out to be a real headache.
  • Safelists and Traffic Exchanges are… well, I think we all know they are “crap” for generating good leads.  99% of the people you meet there are only there to visitors to their own pages and are not looking for what you have to offer.
  • Video Marketing is time-consuming and technical, and ofter requires resources such as recorders and editors that newbies just don’t have on hand.  And even if you have the time and money to create “good” videos which may actually get the job done, you are still left with the problem of how to get people to them.  It doesn’t take too much for YouTube to delete any videos that can be perceived as being for “commercial purposes”.
  • Running “promoted videos” (Video Pay-Per-View) is not only expensive, it can be confusing to set up and you may have to spend hundreds of hours just to create all the different videos that you’ll want to “test” as you realize that your campaign just charged you $45 in about 3 hours and you haven’t gotten one single lead from it yet.
  • Facebook Ads are one of the most frustrating places to advertise that there is.   You might have to try 5 to 10 different ads just to get them to approve your ad to run… that is before you can even “test” it to see if it will convert.  I’ve spent so much time trying to get Facebook Ads going which would actually produce return.  Usually the pages that convert well don’t get approved and the ones that convert badly do get approved.  Very frustrating.
  • All that “magic software” that is somehow supposed to drive tons of traffic to your site… I’ve tried most of them and though there are some good tools out there for back-linking, I’ve never actually found one that brought me any real traffic directly.
  • Buying traffic can be a joke and a horrible waste of money, especially the ones that offer things like “500K visitors… only $49.95 this month!”… lol.. don’t waste your time.
  • Buying “guaranteed leads” is a big gamble and a lot of the time they are not even real people, or they are paid $0.10 per contact form they submit, while you are paying $1.00 per lead to the service that employs them.  You just have to know what you are looking at with this method.
  • Any common traffic generation methods can simply be too complex or too time-consuming to learn for newbies and many people who are new to this industry will blow wads of cash trying to make it easier on themselves simply because they don’t really know what they are dealing with, and so they quickly end up out of business.
  • Most home business owners, network marketers, affiliate marketers simply cannot afford to buy the really good, high quality advertising via large media buys, or they cannot even meet the minimum purchase requirements for many high quality ad sources and thus they end up paying way too much because they can’t “buy in bulk” so to speak.
  • Any method of lead generation has it’s own learning curve and each learning curve can take quite a while.  Some of these methods are more complex than they may seem at first, and many people just end up giving up after a few attempts without decent return on their advertising dollars.
  • We’ve come up with a process that sort of “bypasses” all of this so that leads can be generated without all the learning curve and complication and risk involved with so many of these other strategies.  That does not mean that the other strategies are not valid.   We simply have stumbled upon an incredibly bad-a$$ method of lead generation at no cost and no real investment of time.

Just watch the tutorial on the next page and I’m going to show you how I get quality leads without even having to pay for them, and without having to spend any significant amount of time.  I’m talking minutes here.  What I’m going to show you is perpetual, meaning it can be done over and over and over eternally, and it will free you up so that you can focus on follow-up and making sales instead of spending all day every day just contacting new people.