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In an earlier post here, I went through the process I had been using to track front-end results for my paid advertising campaigns.

It is a good work-around for anyone who is selling affiliate products or doing network marketing, because we have no way of adding a conversion tracking code to the Thank You Page (page the visitor lands on after they purchase) in most cases.

Recently I’ve been using a much easier method of tracking, which doesn’t even require me to create a new web form in my auto-responder for each ad source.

Though I have been using LeadPages for a while, for some reason I hadn’t realized that they were providing such an easy way to track conversions for Visitor ==> Subscriber.

All you have to do is quickly create a new LeadPage or “Duplicate” one you’re already using for each new ad source and that’s it!

This will save you tons of time and put all your statistics together in one shot for you to quickly see what ads are performing and which are not.

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