When Your Business is Your Passion

AlanCosens.com When Your Business if Your Passion

If your business seems like “work”, you may be doing it wrong. Here’s how to turn it into a game that you don’t want to stop playing.

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Get More From Your Subscriber List

AlanCosens.com Backyard

There may be more you can do with the leads that you have coming in, instead of simply ignoring the ones who aren’t interested in your first offer. Here’s an idea: find out what they are interested in and give them that!

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The State of the Game. Internet Marketing or Network Marketing?

AlanCosens.com Social Networking

The home internet business niche isn’t what it used to be. “Internet Marketing” and “network marketing” are very different. One is easy. One is hard. One anyone can do. The other requires tons of education.

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You Are the “Authority” and the Source

You Are the Cause Of Success

This is perhaps the most important thing that needs to be understood before anything positive will happen in your business. Everything else are just the physical motions you have to utilize to create change, which is the easy part. Alan Cosens  

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What Is A Sales Funnel? (For “Dummies”)

Alan Cosens Ever feel like you’re just too “dumb” to get into all this “internet marketing” stuff? Well, maybe you are. But maybe you just haven’t had it explained to you in a simple enough manner. Maybe it doesn’t even require “smarts” (it doesn’t). Maybe it just requires a bit of learning on a proper…

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The Middle-Class, Necessity Level, Overwhelm And Making It Go Right

Stop the audio which auto-plays at the top of the page above, then click play to listen to the audio below which tells it like it is. CAUTION:  This audio may cause you to be honest with yourself.

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Sick Day, Bad Clothes, and Populace Mind Control

Well, for whatever reason I felt the need to blather on about “nothing” today and record it. Actually, in hindsight there is some good content here that may be very helpful for you. …definite proof that you don’t have to be “pretty” to make it go right in this business.  lol Read The SEO Link…

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How To Put Audio On Your Website

Someone just asked me how to do this and I figured rather than trying to type it all out I’d just do a lesson for everyone to show you how. He wanted to know how I created the auto-play audio recording that starts when you arrive at this site. How To Put Audio On Your…

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