IPA – Income Producing Activity

Alan Cosens - Income Producing Activity

Most network marketers spend 90% of their time doing things that do not produce income, then they wonder why their aren’t making money. So, what does produce income?

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How to Develop Certainty and Professionalism Via Drilling

Alan Cosens - Drilling for Professionalism

This is how to compress time and develop a level of certainty and professionalism using drilling. Don’t fall all over yourself for years. Just get it down now, then operate with a command of your skills.

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How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Fast

Alan Cosens How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Fast

Here is all there is to making your network marketing business grow quickly. I wish there were something more complicated I could tell you about it.

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Production Targeting: Planning and Execution, or Hoping and Wishing?

Alan Cosens Willful Failure T-Shirt

Which works better: Hoping and wishing that things will get better while you watch TV, or actually planning out targets and hitting those production targets daily?

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Not Getting Results Despite “Doing the Right Things”?

Not Getting Results Despite "Doing the Right Things"?

When it seems like you’re “doing everything you’re supposed to be doing” but you’re just not getting results, this is probably the reason.

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Get More Sales Far Easier With Less Frustration

AlanCosens.com How to Get More Sales

If you spout off all the benefits of your product or service without first finding out exactly what the customer prospect wants, this is causes unnecessary frustration. When you learn how to first find out what they need and/or want, you become more of a “sorter” or “qualifier” than a “seller”. By harping on them, trying to convince them that they should buy your stuff when it’s not what they want or need, it is off-putting for the prospect and frankly, creates a negative stigma for the entire profession. That is WHY people “don’t like sales people”. If you give them what they want, they love you. If you push on them what they don’t want or don’t care about, they find you irritating as hell.

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Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts Anyone Can Use That Get Results

AlanCosens.com Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts

If you don’t have a simple process for prospecting that anyone can do it will make your down-line growth very difficult. Even your Grandma can do what I show you here. Start them. Give them the guide. Get them moving. They almost don’t need to know anything else and they can still get results.

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Prospects Saying They Don’t Have the Money to Start?

What to consider about prospects telling you they don’t have money to start.

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How to Improve Your Situation Using Exact Action Formulas (Part 1)

AlanCosens.com How to Improve Your Situation Using Action Formulas

What if there was an exact, scientific, series of steps you could take to improve any situation, not matter how bad it is? There is. Start learning here.

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How to Use Automation to Get Massive Video Traffic

AlanCosens.com Video Domination Strategy

Here is how you can cover up the Earth with your videos and get a ton of traffic and leads, without having to spend the next 10 years making and posting videos all day long, every day.

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