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Engage Prospects With Text Messaging And Get Results

Text Delivery Text Auto-Responder

One thing I neglected to mention in the video, which was one of the main points I wanted to communicate is that I did get several signups into one of my mid-priced business opportunities just from using this simple text engagement tactic, and after a bit of back-and-forth to discover what was needed and wanted…

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The “Myth” of Auto-Pilot Income

Automated Income

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How To Solve The Stress Of Networking – Using Gradients

Stressed about contacting new people?

This is how you move forward when confronting doing the things that need to be done to grow your business and you feel stressed, uncomfortable. Many people just quit when they feel the stress of doing new things. That is absolutely unnecessary and frankly, quite foolish.   Alan Cosens  

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Facebook Prospecting Is So Easy

(You can double-click video to make full-screen.)   I cannot overstate how easy it is to network on Facebook to build your business. It is so simple in fact, that if you are staying broke, it can only be because you want to stay broke. This isn’t even “work”. It’s fun. It’s light. Have fun…

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