What Type of Opportunity is Right For You, And How to Make it Work?

Alan Cosens, What Business Fits You?

The TWO things you MUST know how to do to build your business, without exception. | The differences between the most common home business models today. | How to select the program that lines up with your purpose. | More…

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Is it a Game or a Chore?

Alan Cosens - Spirit of Play

Is your life a game or a chore? Think about when you were a little kid and you were doing something that you just never wanted to stop because it was just so much fun. In other words, you’re just THERE, playing. You don’t notice that time is even a thing.

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Not Getting Results Despite “Doing the Right Things”?

Not Getting Results Despite "Doing the Right Things"?

When it seems like you’re “doing everything you’re supposed to be doing” but you’re just not getting results, this is probably the reason.

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Your “Why” is Everything.

Your purpose⎻your why⎻is the thing that fuels your drive to create success. It is the pain that you are trying to handle, or the reward you are trying to attain. And reinforcing your Why is how you generate the intention, the thrust, in the proper direction in the game of life, of your business, of your overall success.

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Prospects Saying They Don’t Have the Money to Start?

What to consider about prospects telling you they don’t have money to start.

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The Power of Decision. (Touching Story)

AlanCosens.com The Power of Decision

The is the one thing that makes it happen. No matter how much you try to avoid this one thing, it is impossible. Until you confront this fact it will never happen for you. This girl is a shining example.

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How to Talk to Prospects

AlanCosens.com Network Marketing Mastery | How to Talk to Prospects

95% of network marketers are driving away their prospects by handling them incorrectly. This is how you talk to prospects if you actually want good partners joining you.

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The 5 Mistakes That Keep Network Marketers Broke

AlanCosens.com The 5 Mistakes That Keep Network Marketers Broke

There are the 5 mistakes that almost all new network marketers make and it keeps them broke. Fix these and your business will roll.

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The Only Factor That Makes Your Business Grow, or Not

AlanCosens.com The Real Reason Your Network Marketing Business Isn't Growing

For network marketing there is only one keystone that makes everything work, or not. Apply this one thing and everything else is literally easy. Listen to this 5x per day for a month and your whole universe will change.

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Advanced Networking and Recruiting Concepts for Novices

AlanCosens.com Advanced Networking and Recruiting Concepts for Novices

These ARE the essential keys to getting results with your recruiting, along with advanced advice on using free networking to get results.

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