You Do Not Have to Be a Wage-Slave

Alan Cosens Wage-Slavery Video


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The “Myth” of Auto-Pilot Income

Automated Income

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3 Letters That Create Results

KRC Feature Image

These 3 simple letters permeate everything you do in business and in life. They are what those who get results know, that you don’t. I didn’t invent this concept. No one did. It’s a discovery, not an invention. The source which first exposed me to it can be found here and here.

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You Are the “Authority” and the Source

You Are the Cause Of Success

This is perhaps the most important thing that needs to be understood before anything positive will happen in your business. Everything else are just the physical motions you have to utilize to create change, which is the easy part. Alan Cosens  

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On Being An Irresponsible Weakling.

How to Create Success in Business

The “orgy” of irresponsibility is getting out of control. Some people will completely disagree with this–the broke people who blame others for their situation. Alan Cosens

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Negative Comments About Your Business Got You Down?

One thing that you’ll need to come to grips with, if you desire to have a big, successful business, is the fact that you will always have people criticizing you, giving you negative feedback, accusing your of being unethical, etc., provide that you are promoting at a level which is sufficient to grow your business.…

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Working so Hard to LOSE (Politically Incorrect)

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Frogs, Wednesdays, And Freedom

What a wonderful thing it is to be free from the slavery called a “job”. Most folks have been so brain-washing into the idea that “having a good job” is normal.  This is very sad because it is really handing your life over to someone else to make their business go right so that they…

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The Middle-Class, Necessity Level, Overwhelm And Making It Go Right

Stop the audio which auto-plays at the top of the page above, then click play to listen to the audio below which tells it like it is. CAUTION:  This audio may cause you to be honest with yourself.

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