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Posts and content under this category will concern Attraction Marketing, meaning to draw prospects to you due to some perceived value that you are offering to them. This is the opposite of old-school sales and prospecting techniques which involve chasing down prospects.

Sick Day, Bad Clothes, and Populace Mind Control

Well, for whatever reason I felt the need to blather on about “nothing” today and record it. Actually, in hindsight there is some good content here that may be very helpful for you. …definite proof that you don’t have to be “pretty” to make it go right in this business.  lol Read The SEO Link…

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What Is MLM? The Real Truth About MLM Success

It is surprising how many people have asked me what I do and when I say “MLM”, they say “What is MLM?”. It’s funny how many people still are not familiar with what is MLM. (Be sure to listen to the audio recordings below) So…what is MLM? MLM is an acronym for “Multi-Level Marketing”. Let’s…

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