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30 Leads Per Day From Twitter

Alan Cosens, 30 Leads Per Day From Twitter

I’ve used Twitter for years to generate leads and sales. Here is the simple formula I use. You can do it to. It’s easy.

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How to Avoid Solo Ad Scams

Alan Cosens, Avoid Solo Ad Scams

It can be hard for a newbie to tell whether they are being scammed when buying solo ads. Here are a few things you can look for.

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How to Attract Prospects if You Have No Expertise, Authority or Prior Accomplishment

Alan Cosens, Attract More Prospects

Here are 4 approaches you can use to be more attractive, to get more leads and sales, 3 of which are perfect if you have no prior accomplishment or expertise.

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How to Deliver Value When You’re Not an Expert

Alan Cosens - How to Deliver Value Even if You're Not an Expert

Here is an easy thing you can do to build value, to create connections and engagement with your prospects even if you’re just starting out and are not an expert.

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What Type of Opportunity is Right For You, And How to Make it Work?

Alan Cosens, What Business Fits You?

The TWO things you MUST know how to do to build your business, without exception. | The differences between the most common home business models today. | How to select the program that lines up with your purpose. | More…

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Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts Anyone Can Use That Get Results Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts

If you don’t have a simple process for prospecting that anyone can do it will make your down-line growth very difficult. Even your Grandma can do what I show you here. Start them. Give them the guide. Get them moving. They almost don’t need to know anything else and they can still get results.

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“Quiz Funnel” (Survey Funnel) Case Study: Increased Opt-In by 3.1%, Auto-Segmented Subscribers Into Appropriate Email Lists Survey Funnel Increased Opt-In Rates

Initial test of Quiz/Survey-style landing page increased opt-ins, and effectively segmented new subscribers into the exact appropriate email lists to fit their individual situation. Now the offer fits the subscriber. Previously opt-ins were all going onto the same list. Did that offer fit them? Who knows? Now I have them segmented into the proper “buckets” all using one opt-in form. Future testing and tweaking should be interesting.

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How to Double Email Open Rates With Video Email (Easy and Free) Double Email Open Rates Using Video Email

Alan Cosens shows you how to easily create video email to improve your email open rates and engagement with your subscribers. It’s easy and free!

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How to Use Automation to Get Massive Video Traffic Video Domination Strategy

Here is how you can cover up the Earth with your videos and get a ton of traffic and leads, without having to spend the next 10 years making and posting videos all day long, every day.

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Advanced Networking and Recruiting Concepts for Novices Advanced Networking and Recruiting Concepts for Novices

These ARE the essential keys to getting results with your recruiting, along with advanced advice on using free networking to get results.

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